Psychic abilities and conscious surrender

TOPICS: Develop Christ discernment before psychic abilities – people must develop their abilities – question of motive – surrender human ambitions – discernment is the essence – what is psychic abilities –

Question: Why would channelers or those with the gift of prophecy in any form, be given their gifts if it is not advisable for people to seek their help? I truly appreciate encouraging us to seek your guidance and God’s first! But still why be given a gift and not use it? And why be given a gift and not be totally developed which then does lead to being misleading because it is not fully developed to being accurate. But you’re not saying people shouldn’t do it at all, just be cautious?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I explain my view on channeling in great detail in the answer to another question. When you read that answer, you will see that I am by no means saying that people should not exercise their spiritual abilities. However, I am also saying that it is essential to develop Christ discernment before one starts exercising spiritual abilities.

Even the statement that people have been given a gift can be misleading. It is not a gift that some people receive and some people do not receive. It is something that people must earn through their efforts. Obviously, different people have different missions on earth, and therefore not everyone will serve as the messenger for spiritual beings, at least not in the form of bringing forth messages or prophecies. However, a spiritual or psychic ability is not necessarily a gift from God. It is something people have developed. The question is why and how they developed this ability.

What must be considered here is that not everyone who has the ability to do psychic readings, have visions or give prophecies has earned that gift. Some people have indeed taken that gift in an attempt to take heaven by force. As I explain in my discourse on channeling, some people have impure motives, and therefore they end up becoming a channel for lower forces rather than messengers of the ascended masters.

If a person has a genuine ability to become a messenger of the ascended masters, it would certainly be a loss if that ability was not developed. However, it would be equally regretful if the person was overly anxious and therefore became a messenger for lower forces in an attempt to develop his or her abilities prematurely.

Kim was born with the ability to serve as a messenger. This was an ability he developed in past lifetimes. Yet he spent 25 years studying spiritual teachings without doing anything to develop his ability. His ability was not consciously unlocked until he came to the point of total surrender, whereby he surrendered all human motives or desires. This is what I would like to see happen to other people who have the potential to become messengers and serve in various capacities.

It is extremely important to surrender the human will before you attempt to become a messenger. And even after you have started serving as a messenger, you must continually surrender the human will, which will rear its ugly head in subtle ways that you will not notice unless you are alert. This is especially dangerous after a messenger starts to develop a following who might idolize the messenger and put him or her on a pedestal.

You are quite right that I am not trying to prevent people from developing their abilities. I am saying they should be cautious. The best way to be cautious is to focus your attention on developing your Christ discernment. By seeking to develop attunement with your Christ self rather than seeking to develop your spiritual abilities, you can circumvent the human desire that can lead to a misuse of your abilities.

The key insight here is that the essence of life is to develop the ability to discern what is of God and what is not of God, meaning that it springs from the relativity of the dualistic mind. You cannot develop that ability by using the human intellect, the outer mind or even what many people call psychic abilities. You can develop it only by seeking attunement with your Christ self, which is the one that will judge righteous judgments.

There is a subtle distinction here. What most people call psychic or spiritual abilities is simply the ability to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to a level of reality that is beyond the material realm. I have compared it to a radio, and the important point here is that the radio itself will tune in to any station without evaluating whether the station is good or bad. You must make that evaluation with your conscious mind, but to judge correctly, you must base the evaluation on contact with your Christ self.

Many people have learned to turn the dial of consciousness, and they uncritically accept that anything which comes through is okay or even of the light. If you are not aware of the existence of lower forces and the potential for tuning in to them – or if you can’t tell the difference in vibration between lower and higher beings – how can you protect yourself? So there is indeed good reason to be cautious, but one should not react with fear and refuse to exercise the ability to turn the dial of consciousness.

If you avoid both of these extremes and allow your Christ self to show you the middle way, you will make much faster progress. But again be non-attached to when you attain certain abilities and what abilities you attain. Let that be a matter of receiving a gift because your conscious mind is non-attached and you have no human ambitions involved.


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