Psychedelics vs. spiritual path 

Question: There is a trend building to use psychedelics and micro-dosing. I observe it with spiritual people, but it also slowly finds its way into organizations and society itself, where leaders start to explore this avenue. As an example, with the WEF, World Economic Forum, where government leaders and corporate executives have access to the Medical Psychedelics House of Davos, where they can participate in all kinds of workshops and ceremonies. Can you comment about the momentum that is building here, and the psychological mechanisms in these individuals and collective? I also feel a resistance in some way to this entire movement, and I am not sure how to resolve it. On one hand, I see how spiritual people who are quite aware, explore this avenue and I struggle to find a way to deal with them. There is an element of fear in my being that I do not want to be too close to the spiritual people who promote psychedelics and guide others with these ceremonies. I do not want to give it my light. On the other hand, I feel that by resisting it, I give it my light too. I have not yet found the key to transcend this resistance. Can you comment on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

The problem you are seeing here is that there is a certain group of people who have always, as Jesus said, been willing to take heaven by force. And these are people who actually throughout all of known history and even beyond, have attempted to use drugs to, as they say, enhance their spiritual growth by forcing non-standard, what they call ‘spiritual experiences’. I do not call them spiritual experiences. Because when an experience is produced by chemical reactions in the brain, it is not a spiritual or mystical experience. It is simply the brain doing what the brain can do. It is like watching a movie of cowboys in the Wild West, while sitting in a movie theater instead of sitting on a horse. It is, to use the expression from Kant, not the thing in itself.

You have these people, and you will see them in the worldly movements that are building, where you have these leaders that have ambitions of doing something important, being important people, enhancing their potential, but they want it to happen quickly. And so they are willing to experiment with various things that – “That person that I think is important said this worked for them, so I will try it also”. They have no Christ discernment that says: “This, I will not do”. They are willing to do anything, if it works—the ends can justify the means.

You also have this among some spiritual people who are not really spiritual, but who acknowledge that there is a spiritual side to life and follow some spiritual teaching. And they think they are working towards spiritual growth, but they are trying to take it by force. And that is why they are willing to use drugs. We have had many questions over the years for people who think that Ayahuasca or other drugs are a key to spiritual growth. We have said it before, if it was just a matter of putting some kind of chemical in your brain in order to attain Christhood, well, why would we not have promoted this from thousands of years ago? It of course is not the way.

Now in terms of your reaction to this, well there are spiritual people who in past lifetimes have experimented with drugs to promote spiritual growth and so you can come into this lifetime with a certain fear, you do not want to go into this again because you have experienced how detrimental this was and that it did not promote your spiritual growth, but caused you to go into an addictive spiral. You can have a certain fear-based reaction to this and it is understandable that you want to stay away from these people. But it is true that if you resist it in your mind, if you have the fear, you can give a certain energy to it that can make you vulnerable to projections from dark forces.

You need to use our tools, look at these selves, let them die, but you also need to recognize that you are at a certain level of spiritual maturity where you know this isn’t spiritual. You are able to stay away from it, you are able to avoid going into it and therefore you do not really need to fear it and you do not need to resist it. You still can have a self that resists and that is why you need to expose that self, consciously let it die. But you can also shift your entire attitude and say: “Well do I really need to fear this? Am I not beyond it? So I can let it go”.


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