Prophecies about something happening at a specific date

Question:  This is about channels talking about an event that’s supposed to happen in November and represent a significant shift. The specific dates such as 11.11. where are these messages coming from?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through  Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

These specific messages are coming from the mental realm, not from the ascended masters. Just as a general guideline, how many times have we given – at least to this messenger, prophecies about something happening at a specific date? How many times have we talked about some major shift that is going to happen at a specific date and everything is going to change. We are talking about incremental changes as the consciousness is raised gradually.

So whenever you see this, you can see that this is an attempt to make use of this (again) the hope that something good is going to happen. The hope that one day there will be this final breakthrough, the Earth will shift into the fifth dimension. Christ will come back in the sky and all of these millienialistic ideas and thoughts that are out there. It is simply because people hope for some breakthrough.

There are forces in the emotional and mental realms and even in the identity realm that are using this hope to milk people of their energy. You can see the 2012 phenomenon, how people got worked into an almost hysterical state of thinking that something major was going to happen in 2012.

This in itself gave energy to these forces that milked them of this energy. Then when it didn’t happen you saw the downslide, just as you have a sugar high and a sugar low, you saw the 2012 low that followed and this also allowed the forces in the emotional realm to milk people of their energies. So you can see how we are calling you to a more balanced approach, where there is a steady growth, a gradual growth. We are not trying to take you through this high and low and high and low. So you know that when this is happening, these are lower forces that are seeking to steal people’s energy.


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