Programming of the brain vs. programming of the mind 

Question: Although scientists believe that our brain develops with our experience in the world and is the result of our personal history, they also say that it works 90% in an automatic way. Only 10% of its functioning is conscious. This means that the rest of the time the brain is running its own programs and makes us believe that it is us who make decisions in a lot of ways. What I am asking the masters is if that programming of the brain is just a result of the many experiences that humankind had in its phylogenetic history? And if so, is it random programming, the result of chance? Or is it deliberate programming, and by whom, that creates mechanisms similar to instincts, whether to use biological programs? How does this articulate with our own personal history lifetime after lifetime? And all the selves we carry with us from our own experiences? How does the physical brain connect to our three higher bodies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

The physical brain is very much connected to the three higher bodies. In fact, we could say that the physical brain is partly a doorway through which the three higher bodies express themselves in the physical realm. And partly a doorway through which the three higher bodies receive impressions from the physical realm.

It is not actually correct, as the scientists say, that all of these programs are in the brain. Many of them are not in the physical brain. There are certain programs in the physical brain, but they are only the ones that are related to the survival of the body and the propagation of the race. These are the type of programs that you can find in animals also. And these, you can say, are very much created by the long history that goes back through animals where certain programs have been created in order to ensure the survival of a species. And these are programmed into your physical brains and nervous system. And this is what is often called instincts.

But beyond that, when it comes to the psychology of a person, this is not located in the brain, and is in large part not dependent on the brain. The brain can sometimes have an influence if there is a certain physical damage to the brain. This can influence your psychology by dulling your psychological faculties. But nevertheless, when it comes to these psychological programs, these are in the emotional, mental and identity bodies in the form of separate selves, in a form of an openness to collective entities or demons that might take over a person’s mind and which we have talked about extensively in various teachings.

Now, many of these programs have evolved, so to speak, unconsciously by many, many people having various experiences over a very long period of time, much longer than recorded history. We can say, for example, that certain ethnic groups, certain nationalities, certain races have some programs that go very far back. But there is of course, a certain programming that has been created, or again over a very long period of time since the fallen beings were allowed to embody on Earth, where they have deliberately attempted to create many, many programs that distort peoples psychology and creates these reactionary patterns that makes it possible for the fallen beings to control people. We have talked about this extensively and you can find it in various teachings.


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