Privacy in the golden age

Question: What does privacy look like in the golden age? Since there will be a deeper union between individuals and spiritual communities does that mean everything will be open or will it still be constructive to keep certain things to yourself, not out of deception, but out of personal preference?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if we look a little further into the golden age, not in the interim stages, but look further into the golden age, there will be less physical privacy but more psychological privacy. In other words, you will move towards a state where people will not feel a need to hide anything from the government, from other people.

Naturally, most people will still live in individual homes. And they will have physical privacy in their homes. But otherwise, they will not really feel a need to hide so much because they will be straightforward. They will be honest, they will not attempt to cheat or get away with anything or deceive others or cheat on their taxes or whatever it may be. There will be less need to physically hide something.

But as we move into the golden age, the consciousness will be raised, the collective consciousness will be purified, the four lower bodies of earth will be purified. That means there will be less and less pressure on you from what we call dark forces, collective entities, fallen beings, that will be taken away from the planet. This means there will be less and less of a force that seeks to influence your mind.

There will also be less influence on the collective, there will be a shift where what I have talked about with these groups that are seeking to influence each other, the liberals, the conservatives and many other groups, people in the golden age will not seek to force the free will of other people. And of course, how do you force the free will of other people? Well, partly through physical means, but in most part through psychological means where you are trying to influence their minds by invading their minds. The real privacy you will have is, of course, what happens in your mind. And there will clearly be more of this in the golden age.

This does not mean that you will necessarily hide things from other people. But it means you will be free to share or not share as you see fit. Naturally, there will still be many situations where you are working on something in your psychology, and you are not necessarily sharing this with all people, because it is still in the process, and you do not want anyone to interfere with this. You are coming up with certain ideas, you are seeking to clarify and bring down into the physical, certain ideas and you are not necessarily sharing this with people, unless it is people you know and can trust.

But I will also say that, as we move into the golden age more, you will see an acceleration of the phenomenon, that you already see, where people use social media or blogs to share even many details about their private life and the process they are going through of improving their lives and raising their consciousness. There will be more of this free sharing, where people can learn from each other, and share ideas with others. In this sense, you could say that there will be less privacy, but it will be voluntarily that people give up this privacy.

There will also be a tendency, if you go into the golden age, that more and more people will live in a more communal setting where they do not have a private home that is separated from other private homes, but they live more in a group setting. But there will still of course always be a certain personal privacy.


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