Prayers of mal-intent

TOPICS: Why the road to hell is paved with good intentions – influencing other people’s free will is never justified – the difference between doing something to others and seeking to influence their choices – you do not need to help God’s law – taking responsibility for others means you have not taken responsibility for yourself – you have a right to have your internal experience – you do not have a right to interfere with other people’s experience – the source of all human conflict – pure prayer – black magic is to project upon others your own mental images – beware of anger – do not pray for others to make a certain choice – spiritual protection does not work against your free will – don’t let your inner peace depend on the choices of other people – attached to your public image – peace of mind comes from total respect for the free will of others – you do not need to let other people’s opinion influence you – 

Question: Dear Jesus, I have had some of my Christian fundamentalist family members praying that I will be set free from my interest in what they call New Age cults and come back to their church. A friend of mine calls this “prayers of mal-intent” and says it is a form of black magic because it violates my free will. He says it can affect me, but I don’t quite understand why if I call for protection. Can you help me understand what this is and how to protect myself from its influence?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In order to understand prayers of mal-intent and more obvious forms of black magic, you need to understand my teachings on epic dramas, which is what causes people to feel the need to pray against the will of other people. The reason is that people caught in these dramas are deceived in a double way, in that they have come to believe that violating the free will of others is justified by a greater good, and therefore – even though they know they are going against other people’s free will – they still believe they have the best of intentions.

That is why the epic dramas have given rise to the saying that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” In order to be free of such a drama, people have to admit both that they were deceived by the illusions of anti-christ AND that their intentions were not good. This is very difficult for many people, which is why they have to keep going in the same direction, which inevitably leads them toward the narrow, closed mental box that truly is the only hell that exists.

Of course, a fundamentalist Christian would deny this and say that I am of the devil. He or she would also say that YOU are deceived and therefore the devil has already violated your free will, which makes it necessary for them to pray to set you free from the devil’s influence. The reality is, however, that ANY TIME you think you need to do ANYTHING against the free will of other people YOU are caught in an epic drama and you are the one who have lost your ability to choose freely—by your own refusal to take responsibility for yourself.

The Law of Free Will is very clear. All self-aware beings have the right to create any experience for themselves that they want for as long as they want (within the framework of the law). This means that YOU have a right to do whatever you want—as long as you do not seek to interfere with other people’s free will. Do you see that there is a subtle distinction here? You can do whatever you want, even if it affects other people. However, you do not have a right – according to God’s law – to try to interfere with the choices other people make. For example, striking a person on one cheek obviously affects him, but it does not violate the law, for he is still free to choose whether he will strike you back or turn the other cheek. Yet seeking to deceive or manipulate someone into making certain choices is indeed a violation of the Law of Free Will.

Saying you can do whatever you want obviously doesn’t mean that your actions don’t have consequences. God has set up a law that makes sure that you will experience what you create, you will reap what you sow. This is the cosmic mirror that reflects back what you project out, in combination with the second law of thermodynamics that breaks down any mental box that is created out of the illusion of a separate self.

So the reality is very simple. The law will return to everyone what they send out, and thus you do not need to help God’s law function by forcing the will of others. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” You now see the basic fact that the law of God is quite adequate, in fact perfect in its design and operation. Thus, ANY TIME people believe they have to interfere with the free will of others, they are disagreeing with God’s law and this is precisely the origin of the epic dramas.

Such people have taken on a sense of responsibility for others, and this can be caused ONLY by the fact that they have refused to take full responsibility for themselves. The Law of Free Will makes it clear that YOU are fully responsible for your own salvation—and you are NOT responsible for the salvation of anyone else. If you will ponder this one statement, you can manifest Christhood, Buddhahood and qualify for your ascension.

Now, I am not hereby saying that you cannot pray for others, but you need to be very careful in how you do so. The purpose of life is to grow in self-awareness, and this means that all beings need certain experiences in order to learn what works and what doesn’t work for them. That is the origin of roles, as I explained in my discourse on personal dramas. This is a highly personal process, because it is the conscious self of each person who has to make LIFE decisions in order to grow. And what exactly does it take for one being to make such decisions?

The important point here is that each individual being is different and looks at life from a particular localized viewpoint. So you might go through life looking at it from YOUR viewpoint, and you might have certain experiences that show you what works and doesn’t work—for you. The problem with the epic dramas is that they cause people to generalize and reason that YOUR experience is universal and thus should be valid for everyone else, meaning that other people should make the same choices that you have made or that are defined by your thought system.

Right here – in the inference that others should choose according to YOUR standard – we have the source of virtually all human conflict. As long as you hold on to this mindset, you WILL keep yourself trapped in the duality consciousness and the epic dramas. You simply cannot set yourself free from the epic struggle until you set other people free to make their own choices—and do so unconditionally. However, in order to do this, you have to start by setting yourself free to make your own choices independently of the choices defined by your epic drama, and that means taking full responsibility for yourself.

So the point here is that in praying for others, you need to consider whether you are truly seeking to help them or whether your praying is actually self-centered because it springs from your epic drama and the resulting need to have others conform. And if you detect even the slightest desire to influence the free-will choices of others, you know you are influenced by an epic drama, and that means that praying for others will only serve to trap yourself even more firmly in the drama. It can also have an effect on others, and this will make karma for yourself that will also tie you to the drama. Yet the real problem here is how it traps you in a mindset that you cannot overcome because you will not admit that both your beliefs and your intentions were impure.

So what is a pure intention and a pure prayer? Well, one way to look at this is to consider that no matter what the outer situation might be, the deeper purpose of life is growth, and growth happens only through inner experiences. So you can pray that a person is set free from misqualified energy and is set free from the illusions that prevent him or her from seeing all of the available options (Mother Mary’s invocations LINK are well-suited for both).

In other words, in a crisis situation people often cannot think clearly, so it is legitimate to pray for them to have the best possible vision. However, it is extremely important to avoid any intent of having them make certain choices. Even a seemingly benign desire to have another choose what you think is best can easily become a form of black magic in that you subconsciously project an image upon others. You can even infuse your prayers, decrees or rosaries with this subconscious and unacknowledged intent and thus make karma. You can also infuse prayers or visualizations with anger, resentment or other negative feelings, which misqualifies even more energy and thus makes more karma.

All prayers have the effect of creating a wave of psychic energy that is directed from your mind toward the other person. And the energy will pass through all of your four lower bodies and will thus be colored by whatever they contain, even if you are not consciously aware of it. When the energy reaches the other person, it will also pass through his or her four lower bodies and it will create an interference pattern with the energy that is there.

If the energy vibrates at the level of love – which sets others free to choose – then it will have a positive effect, such as calming people down so they can think more clearly. If it vibrates below that level, it will have a limiting effect on the other person, depending on the energy with which it is qualified and the person’s state of consciousness. One common effect is that it agitates people and makes it more difficult for them to make decisions, even makes them prone to accidents. In any case, YOU are responsible for the energy you send out and the effect on the other person.

Take note that in many cases you might be praying for what is clearly the best for a person—seen from a normal perspective. Yet the reality here is that what is truly best for a person is the experience that helps the person realize that it has had enough of a particular drama, and thus it frees itself by making a LIFE decision. For example, it might seem right to pray for a person not to commit suicide. Yet in some cases a lifestream needs to have the experience of killing itself or coming close to it in order to realize that it could not run away from its own state of mind, even through death. My point being that any time you pray for others to make a specific choice – no matter how justified it might seem – your prayer is a prayer of mal-intent. (In terms of a suicidal person you can pray for them to have the experience they need, but you must be non-attached to the outcome.)

So how come such prayers actually affect you, even when you invoke spiritual protection? Well, spiritual protection does not work against your free will, so the effect depends on your state of consciousness. In the question above, you might consider how you look upon your fundamentalist family members. Do you have an intent to change their beliefs, to open their minds? Do you have a sense that they should leave you alone and let you follow your own beliefs? The latter reaction might seem reasonable, but consider what it does for your state of mind. It puts you in a state of mind in which you feel that you cannot be at peace until they leave you alone. So now you are forced to seek to change their minds, their opinions, their beliefs before you feel free to live your own life. And since it isn’t likely that you will change their minds, you bind yourself to remain in a state of non-peace indefinitely.

Can you see that this intent to change others is a vibration that is less than love? Can you also see that it is the exact same energy that is causing the people to pray for you? And thus, when their prayers enter your energy field, they have something of that same low vibration with which to create an interference pattern. And it is this interference or resistance that affects your thoughts and feelings. So we might say that the intent of others can influence you only if you have a similar intent or vibration in your subconscious mind. Thus, the way to be free is to free your own mind of what you see in others, namely the need to change other people rather than changing yourself.

Think back to what I said about free will and your salvation. The opinions and beliefs or other people will have ABSOLUTELY no impact on your salvation. YOUR salvation depends EXCLUSIVELY on your own state of consciousness, not that of other people. Thus, as long as you are seeking to change the mind of others, you cannot do the one thing that will bring you closer to salvation, namely changing your own state of consciousness.

So in order to be free of any influence from the prayers of other people, you have to first set them free to have any experience they desire, even if that means they hold a particular opinion of you that causes them to pray feverishly for your salvation or your coming to your senses or whatever it might be. Incidentally, this explains why many celebrities can experience difficulties. They become attached to preserving a certain public image, and this means they have to try to control the media and the public—which cannot be done and thus it robs them of peace of mind.

How do you attain peace of mind? Only by developing TOTAL respect for the free will of others, so you have no intention whatsoever of changing their opinions. Doing this will also lead to total respect for your own free will, because you realize that you have a right to be who you will be regardless of the opinions of others. And when you are no longer bothered by the fact that other people are praying for your conversion, you will have raised your consciousness beyond the level from which they are praying (for their prayers can only spring from the separate self) and thus you will no longer be affected by their prayers.

Here is a simple fact that very few people have internalized: You do not have to change other people’s opinion of you, because you do not have to let their opinion change YOU. That, my beloved, is the only way to freedom. It is the hidden meaning behind my call to turn the other cheek. It is the only way that you can avoid having their praying for you pull you into creating your own drama, where you think you have to change them. They are resisting the purpose of life, and if you resist them, you will also be resisting the purpose of life.

When you truly turn the other cheek, your mind becomes like a mirror, like a calm lake that reflects back any image projected upon it. Thus, other people’s intent to change you and the energies they send at you will be reflected back to them. This will often agitate them even more, so you can often see that people who have become attached to changing others will become more and more outspoken, more and more angry. And yet if you keep turning the other cheek, it still will not affect you.

If they eventually become so angry that the return current causes harm to themselves, then you should be non-attached to that also. Again, you need to respect their free will and their right to create any experience for themselves that they need to have, before they have had enough of their dramas and decide to stop focusing on the splinter in your eye and instead decide to make progress by looking at what is in their own consciousness.

A good tool for helping you raise your consciousness to where it can no longer be affected by the intentions of others is to give Mother Mary’s East-West Invocation or recite the mantras to the Dhyani Buddhas.


 Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels