Post election riots in the US

Question: How likely or unlikely is America to have widespread unrest of violence as a result of the election?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, based on what we have said here about the level of anger that is rising, there is certainly a likelihood that this can happen. How it happens depends in large part on who wins the election. It is clear that if Donald Trump is reelected, there is not as likely to be unrest and certainly not widespread unrest. But if he is not reelected and if he continues to make the claims he has already made − that this is because the voting or the counting of the votes was rigged and because there is voter fraud, because of mail in votes and all of these claims that he has already made − then it is likely that there will be some unrest.

Unfortunately, many of those who are most, shall we say, idolizing Donald Trump, have a certain level of anger that makes it possible that they can believe in these claims that the presidency was taken away from Donald Trump in an unfair way. And therefore, they could become so angry that they would engage in various forms of unrest.

The reality, of course, is that whoever wins the election, it will not be a result of an unfair process. It will be result of the candidate’s state of consciousness and how well they do in this very heated election campaign that the American presidential election has become, turned into over the last several decades.

You will see, as we have talked about these culture wars that have polarized American society and have also polarized the presidential election in a very unfortunate way, because as I have said before, the American political system is deliberately set up to limit the powers of the president, and therefore the president does not have the powers that the Americans, many among the American people ascribe to him.

And therefore, it is not that epically important who is elected as president.  The reality of the matter is that if Donald Trump is not reelected, it will not be because of an unfair election, but because of his own state of consciousness, his own actions, his words, his tweets, in other words, it will be him that is responsible for him not being elected, not some kind of rigged process that is responsible for it. And quite frankly, one could question that if a person is not willing or able to take responsibility for himself, how can he take responsibility for a country as large and complex as the United States?


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