Poland and the European Union

Question: What is the reason behind Poland withdrawing from the European Convention, which aims to protect women against all forms of violence and prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence? Turkey is also considering this. Has the conference for liberating women had enough of an impact on the collective consciousness to raise the consciousness of the people? What can the masters say about the situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, Poland is one of these countries that exemplify where the European Union is at right now. The European Union is sort of at a crossroads, and the crossroads is simply brought about by the fact that some of the larger nations in Europe are at a point where they have the potential to make the transition from being focused on: “What can Europe do for me?” and shifting to: “What can we do for Europe?” Germany has passed this point. France has to some degree. Britain obviously never passed the point, which is why they have now Brexited. Some of the smaller countries have also passed this point. But Poland is an example of a country that has not yet done this. Poland has swung backwards to become more nationalistic with this new government that has now been in power for some time. They are therefore in this no man’s land of not really knowing what they want to do with their own future because the Polish government right now fails to grasp the vision of the European community.

Therefore they cannot really see the positive potential of Poland remaining in and fully engaging in the EU. At the same time, this government has no clear vision of what would happen if Poland withdrew from the EU, as, for that matter, the British government has no clear vision of what will come after Brexit. They think they can muddle their way through. But if you look at Poland and the position it is in, it is in a fundamentally different position than Britain. Britain is an island. Okay, they are isolated. They can muddle their way through, however good or bad that will be. But Poland is not an island. It is, as its history has proven over and over again, squeezed in between two blocs, the east and the east of Europe, or rather Europe and Russia. What will Poland do if it leaves the EU? Right now it is on a course of conflict that could lead it towards exiting the EU. What would they do? Well, if they were to exit the EU, I can assure you that before the door to the EU was even closed, Putin would be knocking on their door in the east, and he would claim he would be willing to help them. But he would have a hidden agenda that you have seen examples of during the communist times, where you were part of the Warsaw Pact and dominated by the Soviet Union, therefore dominated by Russia. Is this what you want to reestablish in Poland? I think not. I do not think the present government wants to, but because it has this cognitive dissonance of not making clear to itself what will happen if Poland exits the EU, well, then it is not able to see the consequences of its own policy and therefore not able to change them.

Now I know the question was about this European treaty to limit domestic violence. But this is just one example of how Poland has put itself outside of the upward movement of the rest of Europe. Therefore you cannot look at this as an isolated incident. In fact, this is not about women and domestic violence. This is about the current Polish government not having clarified what its policy really is, and therefore it is reacting almost in a panic against anything that it thinks goes against its own policy. This is, of course, because the collective consciousness in Poland is still affected by the history, the long history, of Poland, where the country has been so divided by many different groups, first being dominated by this larger power, then that larger power, then at a point itself being a large power, having ambitions of becoming an empire and so on. You have these divisions in the country that have a major influence on the fact that the Polish people have elected this government and now re-elected the president that is in alignment with this government and therefore have not clarified for themselves: “What do we want in terms of our relationship with Europe?”

Now it is clear to me, when you look at history, that it would be far, far better for Poland to be an engaged member of the European community than to stand outside of it. Far, far better. Therefore what needs to happen is that the Polish people, at least a critical mass of them, also become aware of this. You can see from the latest presidential election how the vote was quite close between the sitting president and the incumbent president. There are many people who are aware of this. There are many people who know that Poland’s future lies with and in Europe. But there are not enough people who have realized that if this is the case, then you cannot maintain the current government. A change is needed.

Naturally, the webinar, the conference about women, did not have enough of an impact in itself to change the political equation in Poland because it was focused on changing the equation for women. There is a need for people who are concerned about the situation to make the calls on this. Use our tools and invocations, also speak out about this as you can, and then a change will gradually happen. I am fairly confident that Poland will not leave the EU. Nevertheless the question is how far, how close to the brink, do they need to have to come before they see that this is not the way forward.


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