Plus teachers and minus teachers

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Question: I have been a fan of your website for years. It has helped me to grow tremendously on the spiritual path, so thank you. I have a question about a prominent religious leader who claims to be an incarnation of El, the Supreme Being. In fact he calls himself, El Cantare, which he claims is the secret name of El or Elohim. I have always wondered if it was possible for a human being to be an incarnation of El or Elohim. Doesn’t that equate the person to God? Jesus’ insight on this will be very helpful. Thank you very much and keep up with the good work!

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 21, 2011)

I have already given detailed teachings on this topic in another answer. However, let me add a few thoughts.

One measure that could be applied to a spiritual teacher is that he or she actually understands the topic about which he or she is teaching, in this case a so-called supreme being. Obviously, one always has to consider the inadequacy of words, yet it is legitimate to raise the question of whether there really is a supreme being, meaning one supreme being? On this website we often talk about the Creator, yet we also attempt to make it clear that the Creator is beyond form. And when you try to project form unto the Creator, you are creating a graven image and ultimately a false god.

Taoism says it well: “The Tao that can be named is not the real Tao.” The deeper meaning is that “naming” something means attaching form to it, yet you obviously cannot attach any form to the formless Creator. Thus, one might raise the question of whether the Creator can be said to be a supreme being or even a being—as it is understood in the world of form?

As we also explain, the Creator started the process of creating form by expressing itself as two polarities, what Taoism calls Yin and Yang. It is out of this basic polarity that all form is born, because only when there is differentiation can distinct forms be created.

Thus, one might say that only in the world of form does it have meaning to talk about something as being supreme, as one can only be supreme in comparison to something else, and in formlessness, there can be no comparisons. Likewise, only in form does it have meaning to talk about a being, at least as this is commonly understood by most humans.

Yet the reality is that there is not one supreme being, as in the world of form there is always a polarity between two beings. The supreme representatives of this divine polarity are called Alpha and Omega, and they are inseparable. Trying to equate Alpha with a traditional view of a supreme male deity is a fundamental misunderstanding of how differentiation into form is possible.

So one might say that if a person claims to be an incarnation of the supreme being, that person does not have a non-dualistic understanding of life and thus truly cannot be an enlightened teacher. The one inescapable characteristic of enlightenment being freedom from the veil of duality. Of course, when one is truly an enlightened being, one sees the underlying oneness of all life, and thus has no need to set oneself apart from others by making any claims about oneself.

As I said in my previous answer, either everything is an incarnation of God or an incarnation of God is not possible. Thus, we might say that anyone who makes the claim to be an exclusive incarnation of a divine being is simply on an ego-trip, desiring to set him- or herself up in a position, where those who accept the claim cannot say anything against your supreme authority.

Why do people believe this claim? Because one of the main characteristics of the ego is that it does not want to take responsibility for itself. So there are many people – even many who think they are experienced spiritual students – who are always looking for a guru with some claim to authority. Thus, by following this guru, they can believe they are guaranteed to be saved.

The false teachers have always been aware that there are some people who are so eager to deflect responsibility away from themselves, that they will believe a claim to superior authority. And the more outrageous the claim, the more fanatically people will believe and defend it. This has been used many times on earth, in historical times, some Roman emperors are obvious examples. It was the Roman belief in the divinity of the emperor that was transferred to me when the Roman church was formed.

Yet now look at this based on the fact hat we have entered the Aquarian age. This is an age of community, of “coming into unity.” This means a vertical unity between the spiritual realm and the material realm, but it also means a horizontal unity between people in embodiment. And how can there be horizontal unity among people who believe in the dualistic scale that sets a few people up as superior, appoints a scapegoat as inferior and places the majority somewhere in the middle?

In the Piscean age, humanity did not have the level of awareness that allowed most people to see this. That is why my teachings were perverted by setting me up as an exception. And that is why so many spiritual leaders in the Piscean age got away with making a claim to superiority. And given that everything is subject to free will, if people believe such a claim, a teacher will be allowed to make it for a time.

Yet now that we have moved into the Aquarian age, cycles have been accelerated, and thus gurus making the claim to be the incarnation of a god – or in other ways setting themselves above others – will find that their time will be shortened.

The main problem with making the claim to be an incarnation of a divine being is that in the minds of most people, God must be perfect. Which means that once people believe in this claim, the guru can get away with anything. No matter what such a guru does, his or her followers will have to find a way to excuse it, meaning that they suspend all Christ discernment when it comes to the behavior of the guru.

If you study a selection of such gurus, you will see how their followers have found excuses for behavior that should have awakened anyone to the fact that this person has not attained freedom from ego. There is literally no limit to how such gurus can perform actions that are clearly not spiritual, yet explain them away in some convoluted fashion. And that is indeed why one could say that such people are not truly false gurus. Because if people are this gullible, the only way for them to grow is that they have a guru who continues to make more and more outrageous claims, until it finally stretches credibility so far that people begin to wake up.

We of the ascended masters are continually wondering how far things have to go, before some people wake up and realize that if you make a claim to be an incarnation of a supreme being, but do not act even like a decent human being, then you cannot be an enlightened person. Yet given the Law of Free Will, we can distinguish between two kinds of teachers:

  • A plus teacher is one who teaches through example, by embodying his or her spiritual teaching and never engaging in power plays.
  • A minus teacher is one who teaches by saying one thing and doing the opposite, claiming to be a supreme authority yet abusing this privilege and thus engaging in the ultimate power game.

One might say the minus teacher is a false teacher, but what is the goal of a spiritual teacher? It is to awaken the student. And if the student will not be awakened by using its own discernment, then a plus teacher can do nothing for that student. Thus, a minus teacher who abuses the student’s trust might actually be the only way to help the student eventually awaken.

Of course, a minus teacher never takes on this role knowingly or deliberately. Such teachers are always so identified with their egos that they are the last to see through their own hypocrisy. And thus, people in this role often end up being so caught up in it, that they cannot separate themselves from the role. That is why several such people have gone through the second death, as they were not willing to admit that their belief that they were a supreme teacher or a divine incarnation was simply the ultimate ego game.

It should be said here, that even the plus teachers can sometimes find it difficult to separate themselves from that role after a lifetime. It can indeed be hard to give up the belief that one is here to serve as a teacher to awaken humankind. Yet it has to be given up before one can win one’s ascension, and although it can be difficult, a plus teacher will sooner or later simply let go of this self-image and return to the pure awareness that descended from the Presence.

As I said, “No man shall ascend back to heaven, save him that descended from heaven.” You did not descend as a spiritual teacher, and thus you will not ascend as long as you see yourself as one. You will have to live out this self-image, until you can give it up and ascend as the pure being that originally descended. In order to ascend, you have to see yourself as the open door—and nothing more.


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