Pets as teachers

Question: The cat that I lived with for four years died five months ago. I really loved the ‘child’, meaning the cat, and felt that it was more than my family. The ‘child’ suffered severe pain from illness for years but I did not take the child – cat to the hospital for surgery due to my wrong beliefs and stubbornness. Then eventually the ‘child’ was in so much pain and, in an emergency, that I took it to the hospital for surgery. But a few hours after the surgery, it went to heaven. When I brought the cat home after surgery, maybe it would not have died if I had taken good care of it at the time. Moreover, while I was raising the cat, I almost lived like a game junkie and did not take good care of it responsibly. I feel so sorry for the cat. On the day it died, I promised myself that I would give the best I could for it, raising my consciousness to the maximum for the rest of my life. How can I do this for a dead cat? If I raise my consciousness as much as possible in this lifetime, will I be able to help the cat during this lifetime or even after I die?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, you need to recognize here that, as we have said before, animals do not have individual souls. They have group souls. When an animal dies, it goes back to that group soul. The exception to this is that certain pets that have had very close contact with humans can receive an elemental and, therefore, become individualized and therefore they can start growing towards higher levels of consciousness. But this only happens when you have had a close personal connection to an animal, which it seems you did not have.

The best thing you can do for your cat is to realize that the cat was a teacher for you. It came to show you that you are still at a level of consciousness where you have a tendency to become too focused in yourself, in your own state of mind. Your mind becomes a closed system where you are pulled into these games, focusing just on yourself and not considering other people or even your cat. The best you can do, then, is to say that “my cat was my teacher. I need to learn this lesson. And I need to work the rest of my life on raising my consciousness beyond that level of selfishness, so that I can attain a more unselfish state of consciousness.” This would then be honoring your cat, and the sacrifice that was made to teach you that lesson.


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