Personal and collective spirits, desire to be special, and duality

Question: We human beings live in duality on earth. So is it correct to say that for every level we go up to from the 48th, to the 96th level, we also create the opposite spirit, from the 47th to the first level of consciousness. And because we are all connected from the 47th to the first level, we find not only our own fallen stages, but also the collective fallen consciousness of earth? And if so, when we come higher than the 96th level, and are dismantling the ego selves, we are also doing it in the collective. And should we consider that if we on those higher levels keep finding the same spirit like the one that wants to be special and superior, even after deciding to let that self die in our identity, that may happen because that spirit is more than the one we personally created. It seems that this particular spirit is much stronger than others we can find, and also much harder to slay. Is it because it is one of the oldest that originated with the fallen consciousness? And additionally, if on earth, we always create into duality and will remain in duality until the 144th level of the identity or consciousness, does it mean that for every level above the 96th level, you also create a twin spirit that is opposite to the one that is growing in Christ? Or, because of those higher levels, we are above the collective consciousness. There is no opposite spirit?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

It is, to begin with, correct that you are not only dealing with your personal spirits, but also with the collective. There are many of you who have reached a certain level of consciousness where you have risen above a certain spirit at the individual personal level, but you have in order to help the growth in the collective consciousness, vowed to take it on at the collective level.

There may be several spirits that are somewhat similar. It is certainly correct that one of the strongest spirits is the desire to be special, to be superior in some way. And it did originate with the fallen beings who fell in the fourth sphere, and has been reinforced by many fallen beings ever since. So this is a very strong spirit.

And in a sense, you could say that, you will probably have to deal with it several times as you grow in consciousness, because there is a certain temptation to feel that you are special, because you have reached a certain level of consciousness. This is simply the prince of this world, the demons of Mara who come to tempt you.

When you encounter this kind of energy, you can learn to realize or recognize that it is simply a projection coming from the outside, it does not mean that you have something inside yourself that you need to resolve because you have already resolved it, but you need to simply ignore it, let it pass through you. As Jesus said, the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me which means that whatever he projected at you is just passing through you, but as it is passing through you, you may become aware of it, it may grab your attention, but if you do not magnify it, by putting your attention on it, you can simply let it pass through.

It is not actually correct to say that you are always creating in duality, up until the 144th  level. And therefore, you do not at the higher levels create an opposing spirit. Basically, when you go above the 96th level, you are no longer creating in duality, you are of course living on a planet, where there is a very strong collective consciousness of duality. So it does mean that you are exposed to it when you interact with other people and dark forces project at you, when you observe simply the collective consciousness.

So you are confronted with the collective consciousness, but when you go above the 96th level, you are not creating your own internal spirits through the duality consciousness. So if we want to simplify it, we can say that there is a spirit for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. But those above the 96th level are not created based on duality. They are still created based on a certain sense of separation, and the density of the physical octave, but they are not created in duality. And even the spirits created below the 48th level are more aggressive and dualistic than those between the 48th and a 96th level. There is more to say about this, but this is what I want to give you for now.


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