Perpetuating or breaking spirals of violence in society

TOPICS: Making your ascension or feeling comfortable – look for inconsistencies between your beliefs and the teachings of the masters – stuck on the outer path – the masters will not conform to people’s mental boxes – the fallen consciousness – how you co-create – seeking to force others to conform to your mental images – you are a subject of your image of God – overcoming the desire to superimpose mental images upon the teacher – how can you carry a gun and turn the other cheek? – repeating karmic spirals – responding to violence with nonviolence – sending a nonviolent impulse into the cosmic mirror – living in a constant state of fear – threats being in the mind – not trusting that God can protect you – self-defense is acceptable if not done from fear – a golden age society has transcended crime – when society can read the akashic records, no one can get away with crime – spiritually aware people must begin shifting into a nonviolent state of consciousness – you can always be an open door for God’s light – current U.S. gun laws must be revised – not allowing matter to have power over your spirit –

Question: Due to the new U.S. president’s [and Congress] desire to have wide-open Southern borders to encourage amnesty, many Americans  have either been injured, brutally tortured, raped or killed. And even kidnapped.

The latest episode making the headlines involves an incident when  “two thugs” who broke into a Oklahoma apartment to rape and rob a women.  She screamed. And was told if she screamed again she would be dead.  The victim had a gun in her purse and managed to get to the purse and pulled the weapon out and shot toward the invaders.  One was killed the other wounded.

She later had a interview with an on-line journalist, and explained  she comes from a family that believes in self-reliance and courage. She said “I choose to carry a concealed firearm, because even though I am immensely grateful for the protection from our police departments, I realize they’re not God, so they can’t be everywhere at once.”

“Deadly situations can happen in the blink of an eye,” she said. “If you are not proactive … you are a vulnerable target.”

As  an Endowment member of the National Rifle Association,  she  said she’s carried a gun for almost half a decade, but never dreamed she’d be in a situation where she’d have to use it to defend her life. But she’s glad the training she’s had over the years kicked in at a time when it saved her from injury, or possibly much worse.

Under this new regime in D.C.  does Jesus’ have an opinion – a rule –  of citizens once more having weapons at hand for protection in their own home?  This question especially involves spiritually-aware people having ‘weapons’ but who are aware to “turn the other cheek.”

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (August 4, 2010)

There are stages of the path. At the lower stages, it is acceptable – and inevitable – that a student superimposes certain mental images upon the path, even upon the teachings of the ascended masters. You have to start somewhere, and you start by seeing the path through the filter of your current state of consciousness. Yet doing this will only get you so far, and there comes a point on everyone’s path, where one has to ask oneself a serious question: “Do I want to make my ascension in this lifetime, or do I want to remain where I am comfortable for an indefinite number of future lifetimes?”

If you decide that you want to make your ascension, then you have to realize that this cannot be done by holding on to your mental images. You simply cannot take your mental box into the ascended state of consciousness, as the ascension is precisely the process of transcending all of the mental images that make it seem like you are separated from God’s kingdom. Thus, if you truly want to make your ascension, you have to go beyond even your most cherished mental images and reconnect yourself to the REALITY of the ascended masters.

This will for most people require that they go through a process of systematically questioning their mental images and comparing them to the REALITY of what we teach. And an inevitable part of this process is to look for inconsistencies in your beliefs and inconsistencies between your beliefs and our teachings. Discovering – and acknowledging – such inconsistencies can be difficult, and it can be painful. Yet both the difficulty and the pain is in direct proportion to your attachment to your current mental images.

What I am saying here is that there comes a turning point, where one must transition from the outer path to the inner path. The outer path is where one studies our teachings and comes to understand them intellectually. Many students on the outer path have studied our teachings for decades – and have a brilliant intellectual understanding of them – yet are unable to apply our teachings to their own lives. Thus, such people are firmly convinced that they are among our best students, while we clearly see the reality that they are still stuck on the outer path.

Why are some people stuck on the outer path? Because they are not willing to acknowledge the discrepancies between the mental images that make them feel comfortable and the reality of our teachings. And as such, they are not willing to recognize the deeper reality that in order to step onto the inner path, you have to leave behind the desire to have the ascended masters confirm your mental images. You have to leave behind the desire for God and the ascended masters to conform to your mental box.

As I demonstrated 2,000 years ago – and as my brothers and sisters have likewise demonstrated in their lifetimes – we will NEVER conform to people’s mental boxes. For how can we help you free yourself from your mental box by conforming to it? We can help you be free ONLY by providing you with a frame of reference, showing you – if you have eyes to see – that reality is outside of your mental box and will not conform to it.

If a student is willing to go through the pain of acknowledging the inconsistencies in his or her mental images, then the student can eventually come to the realization that is the pivot point between the outer and the inner path. That realization is the fact that the tendency to superimpose mental images upon Spirit is precisely the fallen consciousness. And one can never ascend, nor be accepted as a true student of the ascended masters, as long as one is attached to – even seeking to get us to confirm – the fallen consciousness.

Take note of a subtlety here. You are embodied on earth in order to explore your co-creative abilities. How do you co-create? You do so by forming a mental image and then using the mind’s ability to project that image upon the Ma-ter light. The Ma-ter light is created as a safe environment – a spiritual sandbox – in which you can experiment without seriously hurting yourself, other people or the sand. Thus, it is perfectly lawful for you to superimpose mental images – even those formed based on the duality consciousness – upon the Ma-ter light. The Ma-ter light has vowed to take on any form you project upon it, in order to give you feedback as to what you have created.

In other words, it is lawful for you to project mental images upon the Ma-ter light. You will reap what you sow, but you will not violate the Law of Free Will or the Law of Oneness. What is NOT lawful is when you start projecting your mental images upon other self-aware beings with free will. Seeking to force others to conform to your mental images is indeed the fallen consciousness, and it is precisely the consciousness I addressed when I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for thou art an offense to me. Thou savourest not the things that be of God but the things that be of men.”

When you superimpose your mental images upon the ascended masters, upon God, you are violating the Law of Oneness, which is expressed as the most basic of God’s commands, namely that you shall have no other gods before the real God. And when you accept a mental images – an image that must of necessity be created from the fallen consciousness – then that idol becomes your god. And you can NEVER rise higher in consciousness than your image of God. You will be a subject of your “god,” be it a mental image or the real God.

The essence of the fallen consciousness is that it is a perversion of the Alpha and the Omega of God. It perverts the Alpha aspect through the spiritual pride that makes beings think that God will actually conform to their mental images. And it perverts the Omega aspect by seeking to force its mental images upon others, even by thinking that if it can get all people to confirm its beliefs, then even God will have to accept them.

I trust some will see my point, while others will remain blinded by the fallen consciousness and superimpose a mental interpretation upon my words that makes it seem like THEY do not have to heed them. And thus, they will take another round in the fallen consciousness instead of truly internalizing my teaching that only those who become as little children shall enter the kingdom. Becoming as a little child means overcoming the desire to superimpose mental images upon your spiritual teacher, having your teacher confirm you present beliefs instead of helping you transcend them. It means being willing to ask open questions, questions that seek to understand the reality of who we are instead of projecting a mental image through the question.

As an example of this consciousness, take the question presented above. First, there is a line of argumentation that clearly exposes the person’s existing beliefs, namely that it is necessary and right to carry a gun. Then, in the end, there is a short question, but it is obvious that the question is asked ONLY to get me to confirm the person’s existing conclusion. Where is the childlike innocence that simply asks before having formed a conclusion? Is such a person teachable by the ascended masters? Well, that depends on the person’s willingness to endure the painful realization that the person’s world view is heavily influenced by the fallen consciousness, which explains the serious inconsistencies even in a short letter.

Let me point out an inconsistency that should be obvious to most. First, we have an explanation about a woman who felt threatened, pulled a gun and shot two people, one of them fatally. Yet in the end we have a question which states: “This question especially involves spiritually-aware people having ‘weapons’ but who are aware to ‘turn the other cheek.'”

This implies that in the mind of the questioner, it is possible for people to carry a gun and at the same time turn the other cheek, even that the woman who shot two people was in fact turning the other cheek in doing so.

Confronted with this, I feel like saying that there are times when an ascended master can feel like simply walking away from the earth and moving on in the infinite rungs of God’s Being. And this can especially happen when we see students who fail to internalize our most basic teachings. How can anyone equate carrying a gun and turning the other cheek? How is it possible for people to NOT see the inconsistency here? Obviously, I am not about to leave the earth behind, but I do want to convey that even ascended masters are not devoid of feelings, albeit not the same kind of feelings as we had while in embodiment.

Now, I fully acknowledge that people have free will. You have a right to carry a gun (if your country makes it legal). But if you do, then do not come to me after this embodiment and ask why you did not make your ascension. You see, in order to make your ascension, you have to fully internalize and embody my command to not resist evil but to turn the other cheek. What is the teaching behind this command? It is that one of the main things that keeps people from ascending is that they are embroiled in karmic spirals that they repeat over and over again. In this example, the woman who carried the gun has in past lifetimes been embroiled in many such spirals, even with the two people who attacked her—and she has not always been the victim. What did she accomplish by pulling the gun and shooting the two people whom she had attacked in a prior lifetime? She simply perpetuated the karmic spiral and will have to reembody with those same two people again.

How long must this spiral go on, how can you break a karmic spiral? The spiral will continue until one side makes the decision to RESPOND TO VIOLENCE WITH NON-VIOLENCE.

Do you see my point? If you are serious about making your ascension, then you MUST break your karmic spirals, and the ONLY way to do so is to not resist evil but to turn the other cheek. My command was not given for those who are unconcerned about ascending to the spiritual realm. It was given for those who do want to ascend and who are willing to do anything necessary in order to ascend.

Am I hereby saying that you should be willing to let other people kill or hurt you? Yes, that is precisely what I am saying, and it was precisely what I said 2,000 years ago. The fact that Christianity at large has not understood this does not make my word invalid. If you truly want to ascend, your safety, your comfortability, even your physical life, becomes secondary. You are literally willing to do whatever it takes to break the karmic spirals and move closer to the ascension. You are willing to lose your life in order to find immortal life.

(Take note that I am not hereby saying that in this concrete example the woman could have qualified for her ascension by not using her gun. She would have broken this particular karmic spiral, but would still have had a long way to go in order to ascend.)

Now, in saying that you have to be WILLING to lose your life, I am not necessarily saying that you WILL lose your life. For if you truly embody the command not to resist evil, what will you do? You will be sending an impulse of non-violence into the cosmic mirror, and what will the mirror reflect back to you? Unless you have severe karma from past lifetimes, making this switch in consciousness will in itself be enough to guarantee that you never encounter situations like the one described. Thus, we might paraphrase the old saying by Henry Ford; “Whether you think you need a gun or whether you think you don’t need a gun—you’re right!”

Take note that the women had carried a gun for half a decade and also note her family background. What impulse had she been sending into the cosmic mirror? And what did the mirror reflect back to her: precisely what she said she wanted. Thus, in the question above, you find another inconsistency in that the questioner apparently has not internalized our extensive teachings about the cosmic mirror.

My larger point here is that when you are attached to having your viewpoints confirmed – and unwilling to endure honest self-examination – your mind becomes a closed system and this will inevitably lead to inconsistencies. You will fail to see them as inconsistencies, and you will even see them confirmed by certain ideas or events—and thus you will become progressively more trapped in your mental box until the only thing that can free you is that the second law of thermodynamics precipitates a crises so severe that you finally decide to open your mind and ask as a little child.

Can you see that for people who have entered the epic mindset and see the world as a dangerous place, an incident as the one above will be seen to confirm the consciousness that makes it seem necessary to carry a gun? And this will only reinforce the message that such people send into the cosmic mirror. It will also cause their minds to become even more closed, as you see in the example of the women who shot two people. I can assure you that no human being can kill another human being without feeling a need to question his or her motives and actions. Yet in this case, the impulse for self-examination can apparently be pushed aside by the woman’s family background and her NRA philosophy.

The woman also gives a clear example of how people will demonize others in order to justify their own actions. Is there any proof that the two men actually intended to rape the woman? Is there any proof that they actually would carry out the threat to kill her? Apparently, the two men were not armed with guns, as they should then have been able to shoot the woman before she shot both of them. So what we have here is a woman who is living in a constant state of fear. Her own fear precipitated a situation in which she felt threatened. Yet instead of using the situation to face – and thus overcome – her fear, she acted out her fear and shot two unarmed men. Thus proving that in her fear-saturated mind, it is more important to keep your material possessions than to preserve the lives of your fellow men.

Can you see how people with a certain attitude can be drawn together in a karmic group that forms a negative spiral, whereby the people reinforce each others mental boxes, until all are so firmly trapped that the only possible way out is for the school of hard knocks to give them exactly what they are asking for—a violent confrontation with people who are also trapped in the epic consciousness? The NRA is a clear example – among many in American society – of a group that is created mainly to justify – and thus perpetuate – a karmic spiral of violence that has been going on, in this case, since the time of Atlantis. It is tied in with the spiral of the neo-conservatives who perpetuated the war in Iraq while feeling it was fully justified in order to spread freedom and democracy – even Christianity – in the world.

Do you perhaps see that ANY attempt to spread freedom and Christianity through force cannot be coming from or be supported by me?

Although I trust I have made my overall point, allow me to point out some of the questions people might ask when looking at situations like this. Take a look at the following remark: “If you are not proactive … you are a vulnerable target.” This is a typical example of the black-and-white thinking that is the very cause of most karmic spirals. In this person’s mind, the world is a dangerous place where evil lurks around every corner. Thus, there are only two options: you must be ready to kill others or you are asking to be killed.

Yet the deeper reality of the cosmic mirror is that it is precisely when you feel threatened that you will be threatened. In other words, the threat starts in the mind and it must be overcome in the mind. It is when you feel the need to be “proactive” that you make yourself a target, for you are saying to the cosmic mirror that you want to live in a world where evil lurks around every corner.

Now take this remark: “I choose to carry a concealed firearm, because even though I am immensely grateful for the protection from our police departments, I realize they’re not God, so they can’t be everywhere at once.” Apparently, even though the woman says she believes in God, it is not a God who can be everywhere at once. For if she truly believed in God’s protection, then why would she need to carry a gun? The deeper point being, of course, that if you truly believe in God’s protection, you will feel no need to carry a gun. And in truly believing, you will make it possible for God to protect you, whereas the act of carrying a gun will stop God’s protection. The reason being that carrying a gun is indirectly saying that you do not want God’s protection, for you want to rely on material means for your protection. Meaning you are actually saying that you do not trust that God can protect you from a material threat.

I trust I have made it clear that if you are a spiritually aware person and if you have internalized the teaching about turning the other cheek, you will see no need to carry a gun or any other lethal weapon. And you will see no need to have a gun in your house for your protection.

Having said that, we of the ascended masters are practical realists. Thus, we realize that there are certain environments in which there is a high concentration of people with severely disturbed minds or impure motives. And while I would recommend that spiritually aware people avoid such environments, I realize that there can be cases where it is part of your spiritual mission to work in such an environment. Thus, my recommendation would be to first work on overcoming all fear and to truly embody the consciousness of turning the other cheek. Once you have become truly non-violent in your mind – especially in your emotional body – you might indeed get an impulse from within to carry a non-lethal defense weapon or to learn some form of non-lethal self-defense technique.

I trust some will see the subtlety I am conveying. I am giving a general rule not to carry a lethal weapon of any kind. Yet I am NOT saying that a spiritually aware person should never defend him/herself. I am making it very clear that defending yourself from a state of fear will create karma. However, once you have transcended fear, it can be lawful to use a non-lethal form of defense, as that can teach others a lesson without creating karma for yourself. Yet to avoid making karma, you must be free of fear, so you can get a clear direction from your higher self instead of thinking that a fear-based impulse is coming from your higher self. In other words, only after being willing to always turn the other cheek will you acquire the discernment to know if there are times when you do not turn the other cheek. Those who are not willing to surrender all tendency to respond with force simply will not have this discernment and thus will be making karma through any application of force.

Let me make it clear that except for these special situations, it is far better for spiritually aware people to work on rising above the fear-based consciousness and then trust that they will not encounter violent situations. And if you still should encounter such a situation, then see it as a karmic return that gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have risen above the fear-based consciousness in which you see a need to return violence with violence. With the dawning of the aquarian age, it has become even more important for people to leave behind the Old Testament mindset of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” And, as mentioned, this can be done ONLY by truly turning the other cheek.

Speaking of the Aquarian age, I will let my brother, Saint Germain, have the final word.

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels

You do not seriously believe – do you – that in the Golden Age people will feel the need to carry around guns? Certainly, the Golden Age will bring about a society in which there is no threat from which one needs to defend oneself. And this means we are talking about a society that has transcended crime.

At present, it may seem impossible that humanity can transcend crime. In reality, this is quite possible. One of the major developments that will remove crime will be the technological means that allow society to read the Akashic records. These records contain the “images” or records of all actions ever committed, and when society will be able to read them, it will be impossible to get away with a crime, as the actions will be displayed directly on a screen for all to see. And when the possibility of getting away with a crime is non-existent, the motivation for committing a crime will naturally drop dramatically.

Yet as with all technology, this too can be misused, so it will not be released by me until the consciousness has been raised significantly. As Jesus has so eloquently explained, all problems are created in people’s consciousness, and thus all solutions must begin there.

So who are the people we look to as the forerunners for a shift in the collective consciousness? It is, naturally, the spiritually aware people, especially those who are willing to be more than aware but who are willing to be awakened. Thus, if society is to make a shift away from crime, some must begin by shifting their personal consciousness above the consciousness that precipitates crime. And that means some must dare to live as if there is no threat from crime.

Some must be willing to become completely non-violent, non-aggressive, non-forceful in their own minds, so that they can give others a frame of reference that is quite different from the mindset that only perpetuates violence. I trust some of you will see this as part of your mission. And I trust some of you will see that if this necessitates giving a practical demonstration of meeting violence with non-violence, then you will welcome the opportunity. And regardless of what might happen in the material world, you will see beyond material events and focus on letting the light shine through you, even in situations where most other people would shut off the light—allowing the fallen consciousness to convince them that in this or that situation one cannot or should not be an open door for the light of God.

The Golden Age will be a manifest reality when a critical mass of people are willing to demonstrate that there are NO situations in which one cannot or should not be an open door for the light of God.

As a final word, let me say that if the United States is to be among the forerunners for the Golden Age, it is inevitable that the current gun laws must be modified. No other democratic nation has as free access to guns as the United States. And no other democratic nations has as much mistrust among the people of their own government—meaning people think they need guns even to defend themselves against their own government. There is a connection here in the sense that the United States will not get a better government until the people stop acting as if they are in opposition to their own government and instead decide to see themselves as part of the government. People must see themselves as part of the solution instead of projecting the problem as existing exclusively outside themselves.

Thus, it is inevitable that for a time the gun laws in the united States will become more strict, as you see in most other democratic nations. I see no need for spiritually aware people to spend resources (money or mental energy) fighting this trend. Surely, you can find examples of people seemingly avoiding death or injury by carrying a gun, but you can also find plenty of incidents in which people have run amok with a gun. Thus, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.

What I mean is that you focus your mental resources where it will have the most powerful effect—which is in transcending the fear-based consciousness and entering the golden age consciousness. In this state of mind, the Golden Age is a manifest reality and you live accordingly, meaning that you trust the light for all of your needs, rather than thinking there are certain tasks where material means are more important than the Light of God. The golden age consciousness means that you never allow anything in the material world to have power over your Spirit.


 Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels