People who misuse their power in government

Question: How can the people in organizations, governments and institutions who have misused their positions in power come to some degree of honesty, so they can become a “…separate and chosen people”, as it says in Archangel Michael’s rosary? Is it constructive for their change that their actions from the past are exposed if they come to some degree of dignity in their lives? Can they change before a critical mass of people change their attitude for honesty?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, this is a difficult question, or a difficult problem to solve. Because why is it that people abuse their power? It is because they are very self -centered and selfish. What can make them see that what they are doing is not in their own best interest? Unfortunately, in many cases, they are in the same state of mind as criminals who are doing what they want to do and if it is discovered and they are punished for it, they just build resentment against the society that punishes them. Many people are that selfish.

It is a problem that does not have an easy solution. It really requires a raising of the collective consciousness so that the general population are aware of the need to look out for people that misuse their power, so that for example, society institutes a whistleblower mechanism so that people who see this abuse of power can speak out without being punished or silenced by those who have power.

It will take some time for many societies to get to the point where there is that mechanism, there is that openness, where these people can be exposed and they can be removed from their positions, and therefore have an opportunity to change their ways. It is not really worth it for ascended master students to focus on helping these people change their consciousness, but more on raising the collective consciousness so that these people can be exposed and not be allowed to misuse their power longer than absolutely necessary.


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