People taking on the karma of the power elite

Question: In the vigil invocations, there is the following line about the power elite: “…for they think they will never have to suffer the consequences of their actions, being so used to the people bearing the karma that they think they can get away with anything…” Can you please elaborate how people unknowingly bear the karma of others, and how we can become more aware when this happens?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, basically, to simplify the topic, we can say: There is a power elite consisting of fallen beings, who have a very aggressive intent on earth. Let us, as a concrete example, take that there is a power elite that simply wants to create war because they want to steal people’s energy by getting people to engage in war.

When a certain power elite (they can be in the etheric, the mental, the emotional, and the physical realm), a power elite of fallen beings, create a war, obviously, they are taking the initiative. In a sense, they are the ones who are starting the war, and therefore, they should bear the full karma from the war. However, they cannot go to war by themselves, they need a certain amount of people who are willing to be soldiers, they need a certain amount of people who are willing to support the soldiers, and support the country in buying the weapons and so on.

When a population is manipulated by the fallen beings into supporting a war, then those people will take on part of the karma. After all, they are the ones who are making it possible that the war can take place. You see many, many examples of this throughout history, where one or a group of people have formed some kind of power elite, where they have managed to manipulate the people into taking on the karma that really should be theirs.

I can give you a couple of examples: We have talked about the unequal income distribution, where for the last 40 years the power elite in the United States have managed to divert income from the general population into their own hands through this unregulated financial industry. This is initiated by the power elite, they should bear the karma for it, but the people who have allowed this to happen, will have to bear some of the karma. This goes for the politicians who allowed it by buying into the neoliberal ideology, or by deregulating the financial industry. But it also goes for the people who were not aware enough of what was happening, who were not speaking out to their politicians, and demanding an end to this process. This is one example of how the people will share in what has been initiated by the power elite.

You can also take a more concrete example, where Donald Trump, after losing the election, created this lie that he had not actually lost the election, it was stolen from him. This was something that he created as a result of his narcissistic personality, where he could not bear losing, as we have talked about before. He created it, it was his lie. There were a few other supporters around him who participated in creating the lie. This group that created the lie should really bear the karma of it.

But the situation is that millions of people in the United States have bought into the lie, have accepted the lie and have spread it on social media and in other ways. As a result of that, they also bear a part of that karma, because the lie could not have had the impact it has had on society if these people had not participated in spreading it. Many other examples can of course be mentioned, so many that it could fill several thick books, but I think you get the general picture.


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