Pendulums and other mechanical ways of getting answers

Question: Is it allowed to use a pendulum to ask questions and will they answer?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

The ascended masters never respond to a pendulum, my beloved. This is because it is a mechanical device and we do not respond to mechanical devices.

For you to reach us, you need to raise your consciousness to the point where you no longer need to use this, whether it is a pendulum, muscle testing, numerology, Tarot card—any of these devices that people have come up with. I know that in past ages there have been people, for example, who used crystal balls to put themselves in an altered state of consciousness where they were more receptive. It is not that this did not have a certain validity in past ages because the collective consciousness was lower, but in the present age it has no validity. It is not that you cannot get answers by using any of these methods, but you will not get them from the ascended level.

You will get them from beings in the lower identity realm or the mental realm or even the emotional realm and so you need to decide from where you want your answers. Some people, I know, are so desperate to get a certain answer that they will take it from almost any source. But when you are an ascended master student and know about our teachings, you need to recognize that it is your responsibility to raise your consciousness to the level where you can get an answer from within yourself through your intuition. That is why we do not have the messenger answer personal questions and why we do not answer personal questions through the messenger because it actually ends up hindering your Christhood.

You need to see that it is your responsibility to apply the teachings to get answers from within. Then, you need to accept that until you are able to get those answers, you may not have an answer to that question. It cannot necessarily be resolved.

What you will also need to recognize is that many of the questions people have out there about whether they should do this or whether they should do that (should I marry this person, should I marry that person), all of these things, they do not have a direct, linear answer. The real resolution to a question is that you actually raise your consciousness so that the question becomes obsolete. You actually no longer need to ask it because you have transcended the limitations that caused the question to be there or to cause it to seem like it could not be resolved and that is why you needed to have the answer from a higher source.

You, of course, also need to recognize that as an ascended master student, as a person on the path to Christhood, there are certain times where you simply need to make a decision and then observe the consequences. Many times when people ask these questions (especially when they are willing to use a mechanical device or a psychic or want the answer from some channeller or some higher source supposedly), it is really just because they are not willing to make a personal decision. They want some higher source to tell them what to do so they can act with some sense that this was the highest possible choice, and therefore the outcome is not their responsibility. But how are you going to grow in Christhood from this? It simply is not possible.

You need to recognize that even if you have an intuitive connection to the ascended masters, there are times where you will not get an answer from within. This is something to keep in mind when you reach the higher levels of Christhood. You can still in the outer mind be attached to getting a certain answer, doing the right thing. But there are situations where, even though in other areas you can have a connection to us and we can give you certain insights, there are certain situations where we will not do this because you can only learn by making a decision based on what you know now; and then experience the consequences, using that to raise your awareness so you can make a better decision.


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