Paying tithes—but only with love

TOPICS: Tithing is like sowing seeds – money is symbol for spiritual light – nature of light is to flow – when you are in the flow, you naturally give as that keep you in the flow – God will multiply what you give selflessly – churches have misused the principle of tithing – don’t expect or demand a return – don’t be attached to 10% –

Question: Is paying tithes actually scriptural? What is your opinion on paying tithes?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The Bible contains several references to the principle of paying tithe. For example, Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek, the king of Salem. So in that respect, I would say that paying tithe is scriptural.

The simplest way to explain the principle of paying tithe is to compare it to the process of sowing seeds. You have a person who after a long winter has a little grain left. He now has to go out into the field and bury that grain in the ground where it could rot or be eaten by animals. The person has no absolute guarantee that his efforts will bear fruit. Yet the person does have an absolute guarantee that if he does not sow the grain, he will not receive a harvest.

Money is a symbol for the light of God. Everything in this universe is made from God’s substance, God’s light. The nature of God’s light is to flow. This is expressed in the saying that freely ye have received, freely give. When you recognize that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, then you should freely share and give of what you receive from God, what you receive from life.

You can even see this in society. When the economy of a nation begins to contract, people become pessimistic and spend less money. This causes the economy to contract even more. When the economy is expanding, people feel optimistic and spend more money, which causes the economy to grow faster.

What I am saying here is that the nature of God is to flow and expand. When you are in alignment with the principles of God, you are receiving freely and giving freely. As part of giving freely, you can consider giving a certain part of your income to purposes that are not related to your personal needs or desires. You would give this 10% of your income to what one might call God’s purposes. You would give it to areas of society that have a greater need than yours.

When you do this, you demonstrate to God that you are willing to give part of your income to causes that do not relate to your own personal needs. You are willing to put your own needs second to the needs of another, to the purposes of God.

God will multiply the offering according to the purity of your heart. My parable about the talents demonstrates this principle. You will see that the Master praised the servants who multiplied their talents and chastised the servant who buried his talents in the ground. The basic principle is that you should allow God’s light to flow through you. When you do so, God will multiply your offering manifold. If you put one grain of wheat in the ground, you will receive many in return.

I am not saying that you can pay tithe exclusively to a church or religious organization. You can certainly pay tithe to any form of charitable organization.

In the past, many churches have used the principle of tithing by trying to make their congregations feel obligated to pay tithe to the church. Some churches have even attempted to scare people into giving them money. This is a misuse of the law of the tithe because it violates the principle of freely receiving and freely giving. You should not give tithe out of fear or a sense of obligation. If you have such feelings, then use the teachings and techniques on our website to consume those feelings.

Likewise, you should not pay tithe out of an expectation of a return because this also violates the principle of free receiving and giving. Tithing is not a business deal between you and God, and if you approach it as such, you break the circle of the free flow of God’s light.

If you are currently paying tithe out of any negative feelings, here is my suggestion for you. Stop paying tithe on an indefinite basis. Study and apply the teachings and techniques on our websites to overcome your fear-based approach to religion and adopt an approach based on love. Simply don’t pay tithe until you get an impulse from within, an impulse based on love, that tells you where to give your tithe.

As a side note, let me say that in many industrialized countries taxation is very high. I would therefore consider it acceptable that people paid 10% of their income after tax. This can still fulfill the law of the tithe. Render unto Caesar’s that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.

Let me also say that people should not become attached to the figure of 10%. Remember my parable about the woman who gave all that she had and received a greater return from God than the rich man who barely noticed his gift. If you cannot afford to pay 10% of your income, then pay what you can afford and pay it with love. God’s multiplication is not so much related to the outer amount but to the amount of love in your heart.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels