Paul’s attitude toward women

TOPICS: Paul did not understand Jesus’ teachings on women – Christianity could have restored the role of women – male and female in a polarity – both sexes of equal importance –

Question: Dear Beloved Jesus: I’m confused. I understand Paul was Beloved Paul to you, but why did he seemingly feel indifferent to women by stating that women shouldn’t teach, should be quiet in church, and are subject to men’s rule, etc. Or is this really NOT what Paul taught but some more twisting of his teachings by the early so-called church? And if this isn’t the actual Pauline teaching, what is? Would the gnostic books of Paul be more accurate of his philosophy? I just want to know the truth.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I loved all of my disciples with the love of Christ, which is unconditional. This means that I love all people regardless of their current limitations or faults. Yet my love is not blind, and I clearly see the limitations each person needs to overcome in order to grow spiritually.

It is indeed correct that Paul had an attitude toward women that was not in accordance with my attitude and my teachings. I have explained this in some detail in my discourse on my relationship with Mary Magdalene. I also mention my hope of restoring women to their rightful place as the spiritual equals of men. I have explained elsewhere that Paul’s attitude toward women was not in accordance with my highest hopes for Paul or my other disciples.

So I have no desire to make excuses for or explain away Paul’s attitude toward women. It was simply an expression of his time, and Paul’s attitude toward women was no worse or no better than the attitude of most men at the time. Again, this is not an excuse, it is simply a statement of fact.

It is indeed one of my great regrets that Christianity did not become a religion that would restore women to their rightful place, both in the family, in society, in churches and in the minds of both men and women. Yet the real problem here is that the path of individual Christhood was lost. When you attain Christhood, you naturally begin to look beyond any outer divisions as a result of gender, race, national origin or any of the many other artificial divisions and labels that spring from the relativity of the dualistic mind. These man-made divisions simply lose their importance, and a Christed being will honor women as being fully as worthy and important as men.

A Christed being will also accept that parts of the biblical story about the creation of women is incorrect. Women were not created as an afterthought, and women were not created out a man’s substance. These sections were simply added later by people in a male-dominated culture.

Male and female created he them (Genesis 5:2). The male and the female sex form a polarity similar to the Tai-Chi known in Taoism. One simply cannot exist without the other, and therefore one cannot be created without the other. Both sexes were created simultaneously and with equal value and importance in the eyes of God. That is indeed how they should be revered in the eyes of men and women.


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