Passion and swearing in speaking out

Question: when we speak out against injustice, I know there is this thing of not getting involved in issues, but when speak out against injustice we do it with a certain degree of passion sometimes. Some people swear when they do it. It’s that line sometimes when you are aware of something you want to bring awareness to it but not get caught up into it. I’m still playing with this, the Israel/ Palestine situation to be more specific.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

We talked in our discourse and in your discussions yesterday about speaking from the heart where when you speak from the heart you have passion as most people would call it, but it is not a fear based passion. It is not a passion that comes from the lower chakras, especially not the solar plexus chakra, and it is not where you have a particular intent about convincing other people. When you get to a certain point on the path you are very capable of sensing in yourself when you have a fear based emotional reaction, and when you are simply on fire and eager about something.

You can learn to tell this difference and it is not beyond the capability of most of you, so that you can speak out with the conviction and the passion where your words are endowed with an energy that comes from your I Am Presence; and this energy can often be the very factor that helps people open their minds or shift their minds. This is what we have called love because it is an aspect of love when you help shift the minds of other people. But you cannot help shift the minds of other people if you are coming from a fear based reaction in yourself. So therefore, you need to be willing to look at yourself and willing to look at whether you are in fear, or whether you have a particular attachment to a particular solution.

Like we have said before, respect that other people have their free will, and respect that it is not so important to bring about a particular outer result. The real goal of the ascended masters is to shift consciousness, so if you speak with the goal that you want to shift peoples’ consciousness, you want them to help them see something they haven’t seen before, but you allow them the freedom to decide whether they will heed your words, you allow them freedom to what action they will take or not take based on what you are saying. Then it is passion, a higher passion, a love based passion; but when you have an attachment to a certain outcome, and especially wanting people to react a certain way then it is fear based, and then even though you may, whether you swear or whether you speak in a certain altered voice, this is not actually the flow of the spirit, at least not the one Holy Spirit.

It may be the flow of some lower spirit that you have opened yourself up to as you see that much communication among people – especially when they are trying to convince others – comes from lower spirits because there are many people in the world who, in order to influence other people or be recognized as an expert or whatever, have been willing to open themselves up to a lower spirit that will give them that sense of power but of course, also takes their energy.

You will see for example, in a political arena you can actually learn to discern when there are two people in a debate that are in an agitated state of mind, and they are both talking at each other or perhaps even yelling at each other; you can actually see that these are two spirits that are having this argument through these people. And of course, it serves no constructive purpose. Often the purpose really is to draw the audience in to an emotional reaction so that the spirits can steal their energy.


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