Parenting in immigration

Question: For immigrants in North America, or people whose parents were immigrants, we can grow up in a North American environment with not a lot of connection with our heritage. We are ourselves a mixture of both our parent’s cultural context and the North American environment we have grown up in. But we have less attachment to our cultural context, and being more mobile and being more willing to move to areas for employment and growth. What does this mean for us when we raise kids, when we ourselves have no attachment to a particular culture or country.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well again, naturally, an individual question. There will be some children who need more stability than others. Generally, the more mature a lifestream is, the less outer physical stability and security it needs, because it has some from within. There will be some of these immigrants who will have children who need a greater degree of security and stability. And you can only really know this by tuning in intuitively to your children and then attempting to give them this. If you intend to spend the rest of your life in America and have your children grow up here, then obviously you want to give them a sense of belonging here, a sense of national identity that you can pass on to your children.

But if there will also be some people who can tune in and recognize that their children are much like themselves, or perhaps even further evolved, and that they do not need that outer stability. And in that case, I would suggest that if you are spiritual people, naturally, you first of all, bring up your children to be spiritual, have a spiritual outlook. This does not mean you force a particular teaching, even an ascended master teaching, upon them.

We have seen in previous dispensations, how many parents were well meaning but they were far too eager to get their children to be in the same ascended master teaching and in many cases, the children rebelled against this because they were forced. Their parents forgot that they had chosen themselves to be in an ascended master teaching, and they needed to give their children the same choice.

But you can still bring your children up with a set of universal spiritual values. What you can also do, is bring your children up to not be attached to a particular national identity and culture, but to see themselves as world citizens. You can do this by both, of course, exposing them to the North American culture, but also to your previous culture so they know there are other cultures.

It is important, as part of the golden age, that many children come to see themselves, many people come to see themselves, as world citizens and not so attached or defined by a particular nationality. This is something that can help, of course, bring greater understanding between people from different nationalities and cultures.This is one of the effects of the internet, where people can communicate with people from other countries. But it is also important, and there will gradually come this awakening, where some people will identify themselves as world citizens, even though they are living in a particular country.


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