Pain during childbirth

Question: What is the reason women, and the child as well, feel such pain during childbirth?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE:

You may have heard from previous dispensations that there was a time when the earth was so pure that it was not necessary to have physical sex or to give physical birth to children because children could be created through the mind. However, when the fall into a lower state of consciousness happened, matter solidified and thus it became necessary to have the physical gestation of children and physical childbirth.

This was necessary for a variety of reasons. One of them was that the only way that the population could grow to its intended level was to set up a situation where a man and a woman could conceive a child without being in harmony. You see, in order to give birth to a child through the power of the mind alone, it was still necessary to have two beings, one representing the masculine polarity and one the feminine. Yet, for them to give birth to a child through the powers of the mind they had to be in complete harmony.

Obviously, you know well that it is possible for the physical bodies you have today to conceive a child even if the man and the woman are not in a state of harmony. This means that if it had been necessary for the man and the woman to be in a state of harmony in order to physically conceive a child, very few children would have been born, especially in past ages. In order to make sure that the population would grow, physical childbirth became a necessity.

This is related, of course, to the downward karmic spiral that humankind created after the first fall. For many thousands of years there was often pain and there was no technological way to relieve the pain. We might therefore say that the physical pain endured by the child and the woman is a reminder that there was a time when it was possible to conceive and give birth to children in a different way.

There are ways to give physical birth to a child with a minimum of pain. This will require a different approach to pregnancy and childbirth than has been taken by modern society after it has become more materialistic and technological. This is something that we will give teachings on in the future, but I will wisely leave that to the lady-masters. It will also require a female messenger, as this messenger in this lifetime does not have the necessary frame of reference to bring forth the teaching.


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