Overwhelming desire to own something

Question:  Why are we overwhelmed by the desire to own something which can be an external object or even a desire to reach an ascension, and it seems that we could not exist without it? And how does it relate to the desire body?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, anytime you have an obsessive compulsive desire, you have created an energetic vortex in your emotional body that pulls on your conscious mind, in fact, pulls on your four lower bodies. And this vortex ties you into the planetary beasts, the planetary entities and demons that are behind this particular desire.

What we have said before is that you have people who go into this, they cross a certain line, they create this maelstrom, this vortex. And now they have an insatiable desire, and it is never enough. You can never feel truly fulfilled except perhaps for a short period of time. But then quickly the desire resurfaces and the cause for this is that pull, where the entities, the beasts, that are sucking your energy want to be fed again.

You need to recognize this, you need to recognize the mechanics of this, and use the tools we have given. First of all the decrees for protection for cutting you free by Astrea, but also resolve the selves that you have that causes you to have this unbalanced, inordinate desire that the Buddha said was the cause of all suffering. We have given you the tools to achieve this as ascended master students.

And of course, when you look at the history of this planet, you see that ownership is indeed a desire that has been around for a long time. And ultimately it comes, as you can see from Gautamas’ dictations, from the fallen beings. They want to feel that they own the universe, they own this planet, they own all of the people on the planet, and therefore they are in control.

But many people, of course, have taken on certain desires for owning something, because it makes you feel secure when: you have enough money, you have a big enough house, you have whatever you think you need. And that is why you see many rich people who cannot get enough money, because what is enough, what if you lost it, what if something unforeseen happened and so on.

When you go into this inordinate desire, there is no rationality to the desire. There is no logic, it is entirely illogical, it is inconsistent, it is self contradictory. But you cannot see this when you are in the spiral, but you can use your rational mind to step outside of it, look at yourself, look at the consequences of having this desire, and then decide to take appropriate measures to overcome it.


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