Our relationship with God

TOPICS: Everything created out of God’s substance – everything is God, but not the fullness of God – enigma is that we are created from God but are still individual beings –

Question: How do we overcome the false teaching in Christianity that Jesus is God, creator of heaven and earth?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I am happy that you are pointing out the falsity in the belief that Jesus Christ is God and that I have created the entire universe.  I can assure you that the universe was created before I was created. However, the idea that Jesus Christ is God is not entirely false. This is a very subtle topic that I could easily write an entire book about, and I might indeed do so in the future.

To give you a very brief explanation, which is simply meant as food for thought, you must realize that God created everything out of its own substance and being. Everything is truly God in disguise. Every lifestream that was ever created was created as an individualization of God.

A young lifestream normally does not recognize that it is an individualization of God. However, when the lifestream matures it eventually comes to the full conscious recognition and acceptance that it is indeed an individualization of God. At the moment the lifestream reaches this state of enlightenment, the lifestream becomes one with God. That is why I said, “I and my Father are one.”

There is a subtle difference between oneness with God and being God. I fully recognize myself as an individualization of God. I fully recognize that I am one with God. However, I also recognize that I am not all that God is. God, the creator of the universe, is a being with individuality. I am also a being with individuality, and my individuality is different from the individuality of the Creator of the universe.

I must tell you that the greatest challenge for a lifestream is to find a personal understanding of the seeming mystery that you are created by God, that you are one with God, but that you are also an individual being. This is something that cannot be explained through words.

However, as a lifestream grows in union with its Christ self, it will gradually resolve what at lower levels of the path seems to be a conflict. The sense of separation and conflict springs from the dualistic mind. As the lifestream puts off the old human and puts on the new human of the Christ consciousness, the conflict will gradually fade away.


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