Our divine plan vs. producing certain results here on earth

Question: Is completing and fulfilling one’s divine plan for any given lifetime, not something that we are meant to do or accomplish on earth? That is, is there a difference between wanting to produce certain specific conditions on earth versus wanting to fulfill one’s unique divine plan on earth?

 Answer from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, when you understand what a divine plan is, you realize that the divine plan may specify that you do certain things and produce certain results here on earth. And these are then possible for you to manifest. Otherwise, you would not have defined it as part of your divine plan, because you do not set a goal for yourself that is not realistic for that lifetime.

But aside from that, it is of course possible that after you come into embodiment, you can decide with the outer mind that you want to accomplish a certain outer result. And if this is not what is in your divine plan, then it could become a hindrance to the fulfillment of your divine plan, a hindrance to your growth in consciousness, and it can actually become a distraction that takes you into a blind alley. Your divine plan does not set goals that cannot be fulfilled in this lifetime.

Your divine plan is for that particular lifetime. It may also have some long-term goals, but it has defined certain goals for a particular lifetime. And it is possible and realistic to do this. If you transcend yourself, as you have specified in your plan that you want to transcend yourself in that lifetime.


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