Organ transplantation vs. new forms of healing 

Question: As the Golden Age is approaching, would you be releasing soon, technologies of effectively creating artificial human organs and tissues, as well as transplants efficiently? Hopefully this might reduce the human trafficking, kidnapping or killing for organs, trade and harvesting, etc.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I understand that currently harvesting of organs and human trafficking is a major issue, a major problem. But it is not something that would be solved by releasing technology for creating new organs that can be transplanted instead of taking organs from other human bodies.

The reality is that the current science of medicine is very primitive. Quite frankly, cutting the body open with a sharp instrument is a primitive form of healing that will not be necessary in the golden age. Transplanting an organ from one body to another is not only a very violent procedure, but of course it also, has a great risk in terms of the new body rejecting the organ and in terms of the transfer of some of the consciousness from the other person to the recipient of the organ.

So, this is primitive technology, it will not be replaced by a way to create artificial organs, it will be replaced by different healing methods that make organ transplant unnecessary. And this is something that I do plan to release and have started to set the foundation for. But it is again dependent on the need for people with medical knowledge, who do not have an ideological approach, a materialistic approach and therefore are open to receiving these ideas.

I can say that it very much has to do with a previous topic that we touched on in terms of vibrational medicine. It is possible to create certain technologies that send vibrations at damaged organs. Of course, in the longer run, you will also see that people will have more knowledge of how to have a healthy lifestyle so that they avoid damaging their organs.

In a sense, you could say that if a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol and damages their liver, having a liver transplant really does not help the person change his or her consciousness. It may be necessary for that person to die, have the body die, in order to begin to question the consciousness behind the alcohol abuse. And the same thing with many other diseases. Sometimes people need to die of a certain disease in order to be willing to shift their consciousness so they do not manifest that same disease but adopt a different lifestyle.


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