Only two books to read?

Question: One time, the Ascended Master More recommended something like if you had only two books to read, they should be the Bible and the Screwtape Letters. Recently, the message has been more along the lines that the Bible is a book filled with so many distortions that it is probably better to be avoided. At least that is how it comes across. So I would like to ask Master More what he recommends today when it comes to reading the Bible and not just the Old Testament, but the book of Revelation, which seems to have gone from a mastery to a put aside for now treatment.

Answer from the Ascended Master More  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Recommendations are made at a certain time, at a certain configuration. This particular recommendation was made a long time ago. Things have changed much since then and it simply is not realistic anymore to even consider if you only had two books to read, which books should they be because there are today so many books that are valuable.

It is perfectly correct that we do not particularly recommend the Bible because we have given so many other teachings, we have even given many teachings on the real interpretation of the Bible. And the interpretation given of the Bible by most Christian congregations and churches is so distorted that it is not useful to a spiritual student.

We do recommend, however, that you have at least a working relationship with the four gospels of the New Testament so that you have some idea of what happened, and the events around Jesus’ life, some of his teachings, so that when we give a quote for example, you have some idea of the context in which it was given.

But in terms of reading only two books, it all depends on your level of consciousness, does not it? Because what is suitable for one level is not suitable for another. Today there are so many more books that it is really a matter of tuning in. Certainly, if you are in doubt about where to start, then start with the Course in Self Mastery and use those books to the fullest ability before you move on to others.  Then you have a very good foundation and you will have anchored yourself on the inner path by using those books.


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