Only total forgiveness leads to total freedom

Question: How can survivors of childhood abuse, sexual, physical, verbal and others really make progress in their healing? How can they once and for all transcend the negative, the negativity, anger, low self-esteem, revenge, hate, and move on with their life? Is there such a thing as forgiving and forgetting in this case?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, naturally, if you are aware of ascended masters, you can use all of the teachings we have given on healing your psychology, including the separate selves and past traumas, to overcome this, but to speak in more general terms for all people, it is simply a fact of life that if you have been exposed to abuse, you will not be completely free of it until you forgive the people who abused you and until you forgive yourself for reacting to the abuse the way you did. Total forgiveness leads to total freedom, as we have said before. There is no other way.

We have given teachings about helping people rise above the past, it can be helpful here, but in general terms, until you forgive, you cannot forget, you cannot move on. So how can you forgive? Well, you can forgive only when you come to a point where you make a decision that you will not let the past abuse define who you are today and who you will be for the rest of this lifetime. You have to decide that you will not allow the people who abused you to continue to have an influence over your consciousness and your state of mind.

You can do this only when you set them free, when you forgive them and realize that they acted the way they did as an expression of their level of consciousness that they were outplaying their level of consciousness, that it was not actually directed against you personally and thereby, you can gradually come to a point where you can stop taking it personally and then you can let the whole thing go.

Now, I am not saying this is easy to do, especially if you do not have ascended master teachings. But if you have our teachings and use the decrees and invocations to transmute the energy that blocks you from letting go, then you can actually come to that point where you are now free of the energetic pull that pulls you into the anger and hate.

Then, you are free to make that decision to just let it go. You may very well have to work on yourself, to work on your selves and realize that even though you may have been abused in this lifetime, it is most likely not the first time. It probably goes back to other lifetimes possibly going back to your cosmic birth trauma. You have to resolve these selves before you can be totally free to make the decision and say: “I am letting this go.”

You cannot really make this decision with the outer mind. But when you have done the work, there will come a point where you will spontaneously feel a release. You will just feel like something breaks, something lets go and you realize consciously that you have now forgiven, you have now let it go, and then you will feel free.


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