Oneness with unconditional joy

TOPICS: Scribes and Pharisees had decided ahead of time that Jesus was wrong – contradictions at the level of words – you can always prove what you want to believe – solidifying your mental box – most Christians still stuck in a fear-based approach – mystics can experience joy – true joy has no opposite – Jesus is unconditional joy –

Question: Jesus, you said in a dictation from 2008 that nary a one of the billions of Christians on earth would associate your name with joy.

However, a google search for joy + “Jesus Christ” reveals over five million results, including testimonies and beliefs of famous Christians
such as Pascal, CS Lewis, and John Piper – all of whom clearly associated you with joy, especially in regards to their conversion
experiences. I understand that this is only a contradiction by outer reasoning, but as I am not yet ready to fully commit myself to the
inner path (due to an upbringing of fear-based fundamentalism), it might be helpful if you could help me work my way past this particular
outer stumbling block. I have known a few Christians who clearly manifested joy, and I think they would answer your question about
associating joy with your name in the affirmative. So, to my outer mind, either you are wrong, or I am misunderstanding something. I hope
it is the latter 🙂

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (October 15, 2010)

Let me first commend you for being willing to study this website despite having had a fear-based fundamentalist upbringing. Let me also commend you for being willing to ask a question instead of making assumptions based on “outer reasoning.”

Let me begin by saying that if you study the scriptures, you will see that I had many, shall we say “verbal joustings” with the scribes and Pharisees. You will notice that nothing I said would convince them, for they were indeed not willing to look beyond their literal interpretations of the external word, the Torah. They had already decided ahead of time that I could not be right, and thus there was nothing I could say that could open their minds and hearts.

So even the Living Christ in embodiment cannot convince those who will only reason at the level of words, and who will not look beyond the outer words in order to open up to the WORD. Therefore, even the ascended Christ, speaking through an unascended messenger, cannot convince those who have already made up their minds and are not willing to even consider that there might be a higher understanding than what they see through the filter of their spiritual pride.

Indeed, many of the current fundamentalist preachers are the very scribes and Pharisees that opposed me 2,000 years ago, who have now reincarnated to claim they are the true representatives of Christ in today’s world. They would deny this, of course, and they have many clever interpretations to “prove” it, but I can read the Book of Life in which nothing is hidden.

My point is that if you look at a spiritual teaching and interpret it only at the level of words, you will find many contradictions. You will indeed be able to find contradictions – or what will seem like contradictions seen through a particular mental filter – on this website. Yet you can also find contradictions in the Bible and in many of the fundamentalist so-called literal interpretations. You can take virtually any teaching of sufficient complexity, and if you have decided that this particular teaching must be wrong, you will find contradictions or other means to prove it.

The reason being that any true spiritual teaching is given for people at different levels of consciousness. When this website was new, back in 2002, we addressed a certain level of consciousness, but today we address a much higher level of consciousness. Thus, you can indeed find seeming contradictions between the earlier teachings and what we give today—but only when you refuse to rise to the level of consciousness we address today.

However, what do you accomplish by labeling something as contradictions instead of looking for the deeper meaning that dissolves the contradictions? You actually reinforce your current mental box and thus refuse to follow the Living Christ when he appears to you and whispers in your ear, “What is that to thee, follow thou me.” This is, of course, your right, for the Law of Free Will gives you the right to have any experience possible on earth and to have it until you have had enough of it and want more.

So for those who want more, let me give you a few thoughts. First of all, let us look at what I actually said:

I AM the Real Jesus—not the fake Jesus that people have been worshiping for nigh 2,000 years, thinking that I need to be worshiped by human beings. Nay, why would I need to be worshiped, when I AM indeed an expression of the God Flame of unconditional, infinite, never-ending, inexhaustible Joy?

Now, how many of you – most of you having grown up in a Christian culture – would associate joy with the name “Jesus Christ?”


Apparently, none of you! [Laughter]

And it is quite understandable, my beloved, for I dare say that if you were to ask that question to the billions of Christians on this earth, nary a one of them would dare to answer in the affirmative.

You can interpret the expression “nary a one” in its strictest sense to mean no one, or you can interpret it more loosely to mean only a few. If you take all Christians and say the words “Jesus Christ” I can assure you that for the vast majority of them, “joy” would not be the first word that comes to their minds. The simple reason is that they have been brought up in a fear-based culture in which they have been taught that unless they declare me to be their lord and savior and follow the rules of their outer church, I will judge them and send them to hell.

I can read the hearts of all people on earth, and I can assure you that the vast majority of Christians have not transcended this fear-based approach, and thus they cannot approach me with true joy. Truly, some have gone beyond this, but I would say they are not what one normally calls Christians. As I explain on my website,  I was not what most people today would call a Christian; I was a mystic and I desire all who follow my Way to become mystics. Can you truly say that Pascal, C. S. Lewis and even John Piper are Christians in a strict sense, or had they begun to cross the line and become mystics?

Why did they feel joy? Because they had had mystical experiences. When you have a mystical experience, it is possible to experience oneness with my Presence, and that Presence is indeed unconditional joy. So naturally, a person who has had this experience will know me as joy, which is gnosis. Yet gnosis is far beyond association, where you in your mind attach a concept to a topic. I truly wish all Christians would have mystical experiences and would come to know me directly in their hearts, and that is indeed part of my motivation for giving these new teachings. Yet we are not there yet.

Take note that in the quote above, I say “I AM indeed an expression of the God Flame of unconditional, infinite, never-ending, inexhaustible Joy.” Is this really what most people mean when they talk about or even feel joy? When a person has escaped a great calamity – such as the Chilean miners who were recently rescued – they often feel a certain elation that can be conceived as joy. But it is a joy that is in contrast to the dangers they have just escaped. Thus, it is a relative joy, a conditional joy and not the unconditional, infinite, never-ending, inexhaustible Joy that I AM.

Likewise, there are many people who experience a conversion experience and now feel they have escaped a terrible fate by being saved by Jesus (or rather, by the mental image of me they worship). Yet this is also a relative and conditional joy, and such people often feel this elation by comparing themselves to those who are not saved and thus are sure to burn in hell. Yet the question is how long this “joy” will last, and for most people it eventually burns out and leaves them feeling strained, causing them to put on a holy and cheerful appearance in order to hide their inner doubts.

This is NOT the joy that I came to bring to the world, yet fundamentalist Christianity is basically preaching it as a way to heaven. Do they really think that what might fool their fellow men will also fool me, and thus I will let them into the wedding feast without looking into their hearts? Hypocrites need not apply!

You will not enter heaven by feeling human, relative and conditional joy. You will enter heaven only by being willing to lose your life for the sake of coming into oneness with the unconditional joy that I AM. Thus, I would greatly appreciate people from a fundamentalist background who were able to demonstrate this higher joy to those who are still stuck on the broad way and have not discovered the narrow way of the true mystic, the true Christian. This, however, cannot be done by arguing with people at the level of words, but only by becoming the open door, whereby the Sun of my inexhaustible Joy can shine through you and awaken in people the inner longing for a direct encounter with my Presence.


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