One person can and does make a difference

Question: How much impact can one person do for the liberation of women in a large country like Brazil by giving calls? How much of an impact does one person giving the calls have?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, whatever you do, is better than doing nothing. So you can say when you are facing a large nation, whether it be Brazil or another nation: “What difference can it possibly make”? Well, what have we said? In every nation, there are people who have incarnated at this particular time because they have the potential and it’s in their divine plans that they can make a positive contribution. What you can do as an ascended master student is make the calls that will cut these people free, awaken them so they can start fulfilling that potential.

In every nation, there are rungs of these people. It’s like the layers of an onion. There are some that are the most advanced that can be awakened first, then there are others that can be awakened as the next phase and then others and others. So, if there’s nobody in the particular nation making the calls, then maybe even the most mature students will not be awakened. But one person making the call can very well awaken that first group. And that might then help awaken the next group. And if you continue to make calls, and if other people begin to make calls, then it can gradually spread that way.

You also have to recognize that in every nation, there are constantly situations that come up where a nation is standing at a crossroads—it can take this way, or it can take that way. And very often, it can be a very, very small difference that determines whether a nation takes this road or that road. I’m not saying this means that one road would lead to disaster and one road would lead to the kingdom of God on earth. The consequences are not necessarily severe. But still there’s one road that leads to a better situation, better growth and one that delays growth. In these kinds of situations that happen all the time, one person making the calls can make that difference whether the nation goes this way or that way. And so, this can certainly have an impact.

Of course, the bigger the nation, the more people are needed to have a major impact. You can say that as one person giving the calls, you might not see a visible result of it. But I can assure you that it is there. In order to produce a visible result, well it takes more people. You saw, for example, in South Korea, that several times the students there, by making the calls have had a decisive impact on their nation. The same has happened in other nations. When it comes to having this visible impact, it usually takes a larger group of people. Nevertheless, one person can and does make a difference. Look at Jesus look at the Buddha.


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