Oles Berdnyk and the idea of the Ukrainian spiritual republic

Question: Beloved masters, in my atheistic childhood I was lucky to read the books by Ukrainian science fiction writer Oles Berdnyk. Thanks to them I got in my heart the first experience of a deep longing for distant stellar worlds for the cosmic brotherhood of higher civilizations and unity of these great souls. It was my first experience of some unusual vibrations, which I was looking for everywhere, and found them in the book of Agni Yoga by Roerick and books by Michael Ivanova and then in the ascended master teachings. Oles Berdnyk proved himself as a philosopher, poet, artist and as a fighter for human rights in the Soviet Union. For that he spent several heavy years being imprisoned and passed away in 2003. Oles Berdnyk developed the idea of creating the Ukrainian spiritual republic based on the fact that the nation is a powerful collective spirit which has its unique purpose in the evolution of the universe.  My question is where’s the blessed soul of Oles Berdnyk now? I want to convey to this soul a lot of light, love and gratitude. And we hope that his idea about the Ukrainian spiritual republic will become a reality for Ukraine.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well the soul is not ascended and has not yet taken embodiment again but is preparing for its next embodiment.

In terms of the Ukrainian spiritual republic it is very important to recognize here that there is a mixture of ideas on earth that may seem very similar. And from a surface perspective are very similar but that do not have the same origin. For example the ascended masters have from time to time given certain ideas that certain nations have a role to play in the evolution of Earth. The fallen beings have attempted to counteract this or use this idea by bringing forth ideas that other nations have a unique role to play either in the evolution of Earth or even in the evolution of the universe. So the idea of a Ukrainian spiritual republic does not come from the ascended masters. It is an idea that is given by the dark forces, the fallen beings in order to create division and disharmony.

There are also some ideas that are given about the role of Russia and the Russian people having a unique role to play. These ideas also come from the fallen beings. There are some ideas about the United States that do not come from the ascended masters either. But we have on the other hand given teachings through previous messengers that the United States had a role to play in serving as a counterweight, so to speak, to prevent communist Russia from taking over the world or at least a larger part of the world than they did. They would never have taken over the world because they would have come to a point where they would have spread themselves so thin that they could not have maintained control. Therefore the Soviet Union would have started to contract.

But nevertheless, they could have spread much further than the Soviet Union and this was what the United States was meant to counteract. But you will, of course, see that this was still at the level of duality. Therefore although it was the teaching we gave it was not the highest possible teaching.

Now in terms of Ukraine let me be very direct as we have said we will be for this conference. It will be constructive for all ascended masters students in Ukraine to put aside all ideas that Ukraine has a unique role to play in the evolution of Earth, especially the Ukraine that you see today within the present borders. It would be constructive if all people in Ukraine could do the same.

This is not to say that Ukraine cannot have a role to play because all nations and all people have a certain role to play in bringing the planet forward. But the only way that Ukraine can play this role is to focus on itself and its own people and giving them a better personal life. If you can focus on this, with a very difficult background you have of having been part of the Soviet Union, having experienced everything you have experienced including the Holodomor but many other sufferings, both in Soviet times and previously, then you would make a very valuable contribution to the forward progression of the planet.

But any idea that Ukraine is some kind of force that needs to influence other nations or save the west from Russian expansion or other such ideas are not constructive certainly not for ascended master students. It is more important to focus on what we have given you, what we will give you for this conference, the more immediate goals of bringing Ukraine up to becoming a fully democratic nation and expanding the economy so that all people can have a reasonable standard of living. The immediate goals are more important than some of these more far ranging ideas that are quite frankly not realistic.


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