Numerology and the number 666

TOPICS: Numbers used to build a sustainable universe – black magic reverses such numbers – intent more important than the numbers themselves – be careful about a simplified vision of numerology – avoid extremes –

Question: I’m wondering about the whole 666 and the mark of the beast thing, everything I read that has anything to do with Christianity (religious or spiritual) always has something to say about this, but there is always a different interpretation. These are just a few examples of what I’ve read; numerology A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24……etc. when you take words and add the corresponding numbers they come out to 666. (ie: vaccination, New York, Kissinger, and sadly Santa Claus). Another one was the 66 books of the Bible written in the 6th century and the mark being the baptism on the forehead. (This was not too surprising with all the apparent corruption of the churches and the Bible.) These are just a couple, is there any validity or is it just a red herring? Or is it something completely different?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me give you a general rule for evaluating things of this nature. In many cases there is an underlying truth to such matters, however, too often that underlying truth has been distorted, embellished upon and taken too far into the extremes.

As modern scientists are beginning to realize, everything in the entire universe is related to numbers. Even ancient scientists, such as Pythagoras, stated that everything is numbers. When God created the material universe, certain numbers and number sequences were used to build a sustainable universe.

Those who elected to go against the purposes of God have attempted to use a perversion of these numbers in their attempt to break down the universe and counteract God’s purposes. Therefore, there are certain numbers that are associated with such dark forces.

The number 999 was used by God in the creation of the material universe. Those who use black magic often seek to reverse the creative process, and as a result they turn the number of 999 upside down and get 666. Another form of black magic is to read holy scriptures backwards.

So there is an underlying reality that certain numbers have become associated with certain dark forces. However, that does not mean that the use of such numbers is always black magic or that it makes you vulnerable to dark forces. The intent behind the use of numbers is of far greater importance than the outer activity itself.

Unfortunately, human beings often take things to the extreme. I am in no way discounting the science of numerology, which if used correctly can give certain insights. However, to simply add up the numbers corresponding to certain letters and reason that any word which forms 666 is bad, well that is not a correct use of this knowledge.

The fact that a person’s name ads up to a certain number does not make that person a bad person. It is not necessary to fanatically avoid everything that can in some way be associated with the number 666. This can only lead to an unbalanced state of consciousness that will make it more difficult to attain personal Christhood.

The only way to correctly use such information is to go to your Christ self and gain an understanding from within. When people attain Christ discernment, they will naturally avoid the extremes. As you are striving to attain Christ discernment, you would do well to make a conscious effort to avoid going into the extremes. The simple fact is that truth is rarely found in the extremes created by human beings. It is found in the middle way. The middle way is not a compromise between human truth and human error. The middle way is above and beyond the relative scale created by the dualistic mind.

In short, I would advise most people to simply ignore these ideas. I am not thereby denouncing such ideas as false or invalid. I am merely pointing out that in order to use such ideas correctly you would have to spend a considerable amount of time studying the topic with your outer mind and then using your inner discernment to get a higher understanding. For most people, it would be wiser to focus their attention on other matters that are more directly related to their Christhood and their personal mission in life.

However, if you feel a strong inner desire to gain a deeper understanding of such matters, by all means follow that desire. Study the outer teachings that are available and then use your connection to your Christ Self to gain a deeper personal understanding. Use the technique for personal attunement.
I realize that I am not giving you a very clear answer. However, to give you a more detailed answer through Kim, he would have to study the topic to gain a more detailed outer knowledge of the issues involved. Right now, this simply is not the way I want him to spend his time, because there are more urgent issues that I want him to study and that I want to speak about through him.


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