Nuclear fallout shelters

TOPICS: Fallout shelters no longer necessary – learn from such an experience and move on –

Question: I have a question for Saint Germain. Various groups of people have built nuclear fallout shelters. Is it still necessary to hang on to those shelters?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

No, this is a cycle that has passed, and what we need the spiritual people to do today is to lock in to the vision of the Golden Age as a reality that is already manifest.

Surely, in the Golden Age you would not expect to have a hole in the ground, where you can crawl down because of some outbreak of war that is clearly NOT in accordance with a Golden Age vision and matrix. So it is indeed advantageous for people to simply let this go and say it served its purpose for a time.

It is perfectly acceptable to put training wheels on a bicycle when a child is learning to hold the balance. But if the child keeps the training wheels into adult age, well then you have to consider that something has not quite clicked in the mind of that person. And so do not look back at the past with regret. What you did was necessary for many reasons, including the entire learning process that is possible as a result of this experience.

It would therefore be very dear to my heart if the people who were involved in such an experience would openly talk about it and process the entire experience, so that they could learn the lessons that they need to learn—the deeper lessons that can be learned and that can help people grow on the spiritual path, lessons that are far beyond the actual outer events.

For as I have said, we always look to the ongoingness of everything. And those who are our students—we are always holding the vision that they will move on, leave the past cycles behind and rise to an entirely new level of consciousness where you have no regrets, no resentment, no attachments to the past. You realize that this was a cycle that you had to go through in order to rise higher in consciousness. And you are perfectly content to have gone through that cycle, having learned those lessons, and therefore now being in a much higher place than you would have been had you not been willing to go through that experience.

This of course applies to many other aspects of life, where you go through difficult situations that you might have preferred to have avoided. But nevertheless, seen from a larger perspective, they taught you something that you could not have learned otherwise, or could not have learned as quickly.


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