Nothing has gone wrong with the Creator’s plan

Question: When there was a fall and something went wrong from the way it was intended by the Creator, why has the Creator not revised his laws? Why didn’t he remove the fallen consciousness? Why didn’t he return everything back to purity? Why didn’t he start from scratch? Why does the Creator create more and more dense realms where there are fewer and fewer opportunities for free creativity? There is more suffering and pain and it becomes harder and harder to get out of there. Is this experience gained in such dense realms really so valuable and important for the growth of the whole such that all these people’s suffering is justified? Is it justified to not be able to cope with such tests to the point of extinguishing a threefold flame and it being erased? Is it possible to look at some example, how other worlds could exist, having another way of self-transcendence and growth without fallen consciousness and darkness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Nothing has gone wrong with the Creator’s plan, for the Creator did not have a plan. The Creator gave free will to the extensions of itself and whatever they have decided to do with that free will is part of the process of them exploring what can be done with free will. Therefore gradually having experienced what they need to experience in order to raise their consciousness, raise their will towards higher levels.

I can only advise that people who have these kind of questions make an effort to study the teachings we have been giving, especially the book about ‘My Lives’ but also the teachings we have given about the previous spheres, because I can only say that these questions actually spring from the fallen consciousness. They are the kind of questions that the fallen beings want you to have concerning free will based on the suffering that you encounter on a planet like earth.

When you consider that the vast, vast, majority of planets in this sphere are not fallen, are not high density planets, are not unnatural planets but are natural planets with an upward spiral then you see that this question only enters the minds of people on a dense planet like earth and they are quite frankly unrealistic questions. You need to apply the teachings we have been giving to raise yourself above the consciousness. The fact of the matter is that the questions that spring from the fallen consciousness have no answer. Not even an Ascended Master can answer this question in a way that people can grasp when they are in that consciousness.

We could also say that these questions spring from a specific self and as long as that self colours your consciousness there is no answer I could give you that would satisfy you. People in this state of consciousness if we attempt to give them an answer which we of course have experimented with doing they will immediately come up with seven other questions. This can go on almost indefinitely.

That is why again, apply the teaching, come to identify how the questions spring from a separate self and then let that self die if you want to be free. It is not so much a matter my beloved, of having a question answered. This is a common misunderstanding among spiritual people especially those who are trapped in the intellectual mind.

They always think that when they ask a question there should be an answer to their question but it is not a matter of answering a question. It is a matter of resolving a question and coming to a state of consciousness where you no longer have the question because you had transcended the former state of consciousness and the question is now obsolete. There are many, many questions that cannot be answered in a linear manner but it is not our responsibility to answer all people’s questions. It is your responsibility to raise your consciousness where you can connect in a more direct way to the teacher.


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