Not all psychological issues are real?

Question: So, when I look at my psychology is it possible in some cases that there is actually nothing to look for, but I’m actually like forcing myself to see and so I might imagine it and make it up?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

It truly is amazing what the human ego and the outer mind can do and you need to be aware of this; that your outer mind will not simply lie down and die because you have found an ascended master teaching and you started working on your psychology. It is very, very true that when you go into the process of starting to look at yourself, starting to look at your psychology, you are making genuine progress by seeing issues that are there, but your ego, perhaps even some dark forces, will try to project into your mind that there are more problems. In fact as this messenger realized a few years ago, there is an aspect of the outer mind of the mental body that we could call the problem solver.

You could look at it as if it’s a program on your subconscious computer, or on your physical computer; a program that is designed with one purpose – to solve problems. The problem with the problem solver is that he has become so clever that he realizes that when you are walking the spiritual path and resolving your psychological issues, there will come a point where he is out of work, and he doesn’t want to be out of work, so instead of just solving problems then he goes into actually creating problems and projecting that these are real problems that you have to solve.

And so there is obviously a level of the path where you don’t have to worry about this because you have real problems and issues from past lives that you need to solve, and you need to resolve these things and work on them. But it is true that there does come a point on the path to Christhood where you need to step up to a higher level of discernment and you then to recognize that there is an aspect of your mind that will project that you have a problem, and why does it do this? Well, we have said before, we gave you the concept of a spiritual path but that there comes a point where this concept can become a hindrance to your growth because what does a spiritual path imply?

It implies that you are at a certain level and you need to go to a higher level; so there is a distance between where you are now and where you ideally should be and, as long as you think there is a distance, there is a distance. You have not arrived, but there can come a point on the path to Christhood and in fact there are many of these points where you need to consciously acknowledge that you have attained a certain level of Christhood because you need to consciously make the decision to dismiss the illusion that there is still a distance between where you are and where you should be.

This doesn’t mean you have attained full Christhood, but it is important for you to have these steps on the path where you recognize you have reached a certain level, and now there is a certain issue that you no longer put your attention on. And the problem solver in your mind will gladly project that you are not there yet, that there is another problem you have to solve, there is another issue you have to solve, there is this other very, very distant past lifetime where you had this traumatic experience that you need to deal with.

And so, this is a very good observation, it’s a very good point to come to, but when I give a teaching about this I know there is always a certain group of people that are hearing this for the first time and they are always worrying, “How do I now tell the difference between the real psychological issues and fake ones, because so far I have felt secure in thinking that anything that came up in my psychology was a real problem that I had to deal with; and now I am hearing that there are fake issues, so what am I going to do now?” And the reality of this is that if you are reading or hearing this teaching and it hasn’t come to you from within yourself, then don’t focus attention on it. Still go on the working assumption that every problem that comes to you is something you need to deal with. When you feel that it comes from inside of yourself, this awareness that perhaps this is not a real issue, then you start asking for our help to have the discernment, and we will help you as much as we can.

It is a continual challenge for us on the spiritual path that we are trying to teach students from a broad range of consciousness and so we need to give certain teachings for people at a certain level of consciousness, but we also give higher teachings for people at a higher level; and of course these are also valid for those at a lower level when they come to that level. But there are sometimes people at the lower levels, they take a teaching that is really not for their level, and they become very focused on it with the outer mind and it is sometimes because they want to be more advanced than they are and it creates great confusion for them. And so, when I say that there comes a point on your path where you need to basically ignore the concept of a path and allow yourself to accept that you have arrived, well, most people do not have to worry about this. But it is a valid teaching that at some point if you are not aware of it, you can keep projecting that you are not where you need to be and therefore, you never dare to express your Christhood at a certain level because you think you are not there. As we have said before, the great philosopher who said that you first have to go to the halfway point, and then to the halfway point between that and your destination, and therefore you never arrive because you can always divide the distance into smaller and smaller increments; and this is what the ego will attempt to do when you have reached a certain level of the path and you no longer have these issues that it can use to manipulate you.

Then it will attempt to project into your mind that there are still more issues, still more subtle issues that you need to deal with; and there does come a point where you need to consciously look at a certain issue and say, “No, no. I am not putting my attention on this”. Is it subtle my beloved, to determine whether something is real or not? Yes, it is. Does the path become more subtle as you go higher? Yes, it does, but you also increase your ability to discern and you increase your ability to sense when there is a lower intention from some part of your being. You increase your ability to sense when there is no ego based intention in you, there is no ego based reaction. You simply feel that here is something that attracts your attention, and when it does you know it’s real. When you feel the ego based attempt to manipulate you into a strong reaction then you can dismiss it and say, “Get thee behind me Satan”, because it’s trying to pull you into some reaction.

But again, this is a teaching for the higher levels of the path, but it is an important teaching, and it is an important distinction to make that not all psychological issues are real. Now, we need to add to this that there also comes a point on the higher levels of the path where you are no longer resolving personal issues that you have, but you are resolving issues from the collective consciousness or perhaps a group of people and at this point you are taking on an issue and the issue is real and it needs to be resolved by you, but you can learn to discern that this is not actually a personal issue you have. It is something you have taken on and therefore, you can avoid taking it so personally, taking it so seriously; but it is real and you cannot just dismiss it. Well you can, but it is not the ultimate reaction because you are helping to resolve something for the collective and for other people.

I know my beloved, that some of you will again react to this by feeling even more confused, and I’m asking you to therefore be very mature in the way you look at this, and you develop perhaps another approach to our teachings where you recognize as we have said, there are so many issues in the world that you cannot focus on all of them. And you also begin to recognize that we have given very vast teachings, even through this messenger, but also through other messengers, and that there is too much for any person to focus on all of it. And therefore, you develop this sort of selectiveness where you tune into your heart, you feel what is important for you now. Then you focus on that, and you do not focus on the other things. It’s not that you deny them or ignore them, but you are open to the fact that there can come a point where suddenly from within you feel that now it is time to focus on something else, and then you just do that.

But you do not put yourself in the state of mind where you become so over eager to be a good student that you feel you have to read every book, you have to give every invocation, you have to be aware of every issue we bring to your attention because you need to recognize that first of all, we often speak to the collective consciousness, but also we have a vast student body and we foresee and even greater student body in the future. So we are bringing forth teachings for many different groups of people, many different levels of consciousness, and therefore you need to tune in to where you are at, what is important for you. Then you focus on that and you do not feel bad about not doing everything, focusing on everything, studying everything. You just rejoice in having found the path of the ascended masters. You rejoice in being at the level you are at, and doing what is important for you at that level.


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