Non-traditional medicine and vaccinations

Question: I would like to ask a question about traditional and non-traditional medicine as well as about vaccinations. Recently many people started to refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children explaining the decision by the fact of severe consequences of the body often worse than the disease itself and by vaccination inefficiency. But many people continue to do the vaccination. From the teachings of the past we know that viruses are the creation of the fallen beings in order to destroy human bodies, the temple of God. I understand that the planet Earth is now a rather dark place and it has many different viruses and in fact it is not quite clear to me, should we protect ourselves by doing some vaccinations and I am wondering do these vaccinations really protect people or we should trust the light of the living Christ that is able to transform all substances that are not of the light.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

I have given an answer previously about the topic of vaccinations, so I will just give you a brief summary. You recognise that you live on a dark planet where the consciousness has been lowered considerably and therefore it is sometimes necessary to take measures that are not in any way ideal. There are indeed many diseases that are created by the fallen beings, and basically you need to ask yourself this.The body has an immune system, why can it not overcome all diseases? It is because when a disease is deliberately designed by the fallen beings to bypass the immune system, the immune system does not contain information on how to deal with the disease. So the principle of vaccination is that you introduce a weakened form of the disease causing bacteria or virus, so that the body’s immune system can code itself with the information it needs to combat a more severe form, a deadly form of the disease. Now of course this is not an ideal measure, of course this is not something that was done before the fall into duality, it is not something that is done on a natural planet.

But on a planet where the fallen ones have been allowed to embody it is a necessary measure. There was certainly a period in the world where there was beginning to be more and more communication between different parts of the world and therefore diseases that were local to one part of the world could now be spread to other parts of the world where people had never encountered them and their immune system had no defence. So based on this it was necessary and it was a technology sponsored by us to create vaccinations. So it is not that the vaccination protects the body but that the vaccination enables the body’s immune system to encode in itself the information needed to combat a disease. Of course this can have certain side effects which is why we have said that now in the modern age especially in the more developed countries where they have been vaccinating for a long time, people need to be able to choose whether they will vaccinate themselves or their children. This is not something that the state should force upon them unless there is some very real immediate threat to the population. Now, I have also said previously that you need to simply let go of all the conspiracy theories because it isn’t realistic that the entire medical establishment in the world is taken over by some conspiracy.

So when it comes to natural forms of medicine well, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, herbal medicines, many other forms of traditional, alternative medicines all have validity, they all have their uses. It is not so that there are of course many new healing modalities that are being developed and released and many of those also have validity. So it is not so that we can give a blanket statement and say this particular form of alternative medicine can solve all of your problems. Because a disease is a very, very individual topic or issue, it is not so that every person who contracts a particular disease has the same reason for contracting it. They have some commonality but it is not so that you can develop a particular remedy that will cure all people. Traditional medicine has discovered the same thing. So you need to experiment, you need to tune in, use your intuition to find which healing modality works for you and we clearly recommend that you do not lock your mind that there is only one way to cure a disease and therefore you do not explore other forms of healing.


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