No system will give you absolute truth—but can open you to spiritual pride

TOPICS: Revelation given as a test for overcoming fear – mechanical systems appeal to people with a desire for control – going beyond all systems – opens you to false hierarchy impostors – the desire for infallible answers leads to a closed system – building true discernment – reading vibrations – daring to be wrong – letting go of control –

Question: Can you address the relevance of use of calibrating levels of consciousness using muscle testing.  On this website it is proposed that the book of Revelation was directly sent by you through a person named John.  Yet Revelations tests below the level of integrity with the kinesiologic system.  Can you please clarify? Discernment is very difficult in some situations for those of us who are working on transcending duality.  

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 3, 2011)

When evaluating a spiritual teaching, consider not only the level of consciousness it is given from, but also the level it is given for. Revelation was not given to bring about an absolute or infallible teaching. It is deliberately ambiguous – as are all mythological teachings – so as to allow for multiple interpretations.

Revelation was given specifically as a test for humankind during the Age of Pisces. The test is to overcome all fear related to religion, including the fear of the end of the world that is an inevitable companion of the epic mindset. This is also what gives rise to the idea of an ultimate cause that can justify violating the rights of other people.

As I say in a previous answer about muscle testing, it can be a help for a certain stage of the path. Yet the problem is that the people who are attracted to any kind of “mechanical” system for getting answers (including astrology, Tarot cards, pendulums, numerology, I Ching or what have you) are often the kind of people who have not overcome fear during Pisces.

It is precisely their fear that gives them a need for control and thus a desire to find mechanical or infallible answers. The reason is that because of their fear, they are afraid to take full responsibility for making their own decisions. They are afraid to be wrong, and that is why they seek out a system that can supposedly give them answers that are always right—so they know ahead of time that they are doing the right thing.

The problem is that this will NOT take you to Christhood, because you only get to Christhood by becoming self-sufficient, meaning you do not rely on anything outside yourself (including a spiritual guru). And how do you become self-sufficient? By making decisions based on what you know now and then learning from the results. However, this cannot be done while you are trapped in the fear-based state of mind, where you think the outcome of your choices should be evaluated based on a scale with right and wrong as the two polarities.

Thus, there will inevitably come a point, where you have to dare to go beyond all systems. If you do not, you will INEVITABLY start working with beings in the mental or emotional realm, and some of them will be what we call false hierarchy impostors, who masquerade as ascended masters. They will give you the answers you subconsciously or consciously want, so that it will seem to you that you are never wrong.

This is precisely what has happened to many people who think they have an infallible way to always get right answers. Such people are especially vulnerable to beings in the mental realm that are experts at preying on people’s spiritual pride.

There never has been and there never will be a system that will not be affected by the consciousness of the people using the system. Neither has there ever been a system that fear-based people did not turn into a closed system, which caused them to enter a downward spiral.

As I said before, muscle testing or kinesiology can be – depending on the neutrality of the practitioner and the subject – a valuable tool for uncovering personal psychological and physical issues. Yet it is not a reliable – not even a useful – method for determining what constitutes absolute truth. It is not a way to get answers about how the universe works or about the spiritual realm.

For example, if a system can supposedly calibrate everything, then what calibrates the system? Can the system calibrate itself? Of course not, and that is why any system always portrays itself as infallible and anything contradictory as fallible—hence the almost certainty that people developing or using the system fall prey to spiritual pride, because they think the system makes them superior. The reality is, however, that people often use their own state of consciousness as a basis for creating their systems, meaning that they always come out as superior. And that is precisely why spiritual pride forms closed systems from which people cannot escape. Humility is the only anti-dote to this syndrome, which is the same consciousness that had blinded Peter.

If I were to calibrate human consciousness, I would say that anyone seeking to fit absolute truth into any system is at a fairly low state of consciousness and nowhere near Christhood, enlightenment or the ascension. There is no system that will give you absolute truth, for the simple reason that there is no absolute truth—at least not one that can be expressed in the words, concepts and images known to humankind at its present level of consciousness.

I realize that there is a stage on the path, where discernment is very difficult. Yet there is no easy or clear-cut way around doing what it takes to build discernment, as discernment is indeed the central issue on the path. At some point, you need to confront the very fear-based psychology that makes discernment seem impossible and thus causes so many to reach for a so-called infallible system. You must dare to be wrong before you can start having good discernment.

Of course, you will never build ultimate discernment until you make use of our teachings about the Conscious You and your ability to return to pure awareness. It is only when you have experienced the vibration of pure consciousness, that you will have the ultimate frame of reference for building clear discernment. Ultimately, discernment is based on reading vibration and comparing vibrations in the material world to the vibration of pure consciousness. Yet that obviously cannot be done until you have experienced pure awareness.

The problem being, of course, that you cannot experience pure awareness as long as you are in the fear-based state of mind that seeks to control everything. The key to experiencing pure awareness is to let go, and people with control issues cannot let go. Thus, you have a classical catch-22, but if you diligently apply our teachings, you can overcome it over time.

So instead of seeking truth in systems, study the teachings of the ascended masters and other spiritual teachings and use your intuition to get a feel for what seems valid to you. Then, resist the temptation to turn it into a closed box, but always be open to a higher understanding of any topic. As long as you are in embodiment on earth, you will always be able to transcend your current world view. In fact, you will ascend ONLY by transcending ANY world view possible on earth.

The meek shall inherit the earth—they have already inherited the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not that you are always right. The kingdom of God is a state of mind, where you are not concerned abut being right or wrong, but where you are willing to turn every experience into a step on your ongoing path of self-transcendence.

You can learn from anything. And anything from which you learn cannot be wrong. But you can learn only by making your own decisions instead of using some system to avoid making your own decisions.


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