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TOPICS: A lifestream is not created as immortal – the lower aspect of salvation – declaring Jesus as your Lord and Savior does not guarantee salvation – the higher aspect of salvation – you must balance your karma in the material world – why some become angry at God or Jesus – this website no substitute for inner communion –

Question: Hello Jesus, I have a question about your notion of “salvation,” which you say depends on a person’s ability to achieve Christ-consciousness during his/her life here on earth. What do you mean by “salvation”? If salvation means going to heaven (which I have thought of as just being our home in the Afterlife, a higher dimension) after the death of the physical body, doesn’t everyone have a chance to do this, no matter whether or not they accepted the spiritual world during life? Isn’t everybody saved if they choose God after death? Or, does “salvation” mean the final step of becoming one with God? Is this what heaven truly is, oneness with our Creator?

Also, does our Christ-consciousness develop throughout all of our reincarnations? Meaning, if I was just starting to become aware of the spiritual world in my last lifetime, then I would continue that process in the next lifetime?
Thank you Jesus for all of your teachings. This website is changing my life on a daily basis, and I really feel like I am starting to communicate with you from within.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are two main ways to define salvation. If you read my discourse on the levels of spiritual development, you will see that some people are moving away from God and have entered a negative spiral. As I explain elsewhere, the lifestream was not created as an immortal being, and therefore it does not have an infinite amount of time in the material universe. If the lifestream continues to run away from God, its allotted time can eventually run out and the lifestream is then lost, meaning that it is erased in the second death.

When the lifestream does turn around and start the path that leads it back to God, then the lifestream has been saved in the lower sense of the word. If the lifestream is firmly anchored on the spiritual path and is committed to following that path, then it is quite possible that the lifestream will be granted an extension, even if its allotted time should run out. In other words, even if the lifestream has not fully balanced all of its karma before its allotted time runs out, a lifestream who is sincere about the spiritual path will not go through the second death but will be granted an extension.

One might say that when a lifestream makes a firm commitment to the spiritual path, it has been saved from the downward spiral. However, I must caution that many Christians are not correct when they say that by becoming members of a Christian religion and declaring me as their Lord and Savior they have been saved. It is not the outer actions but the inner commitment of the lifestream that counts. Some Christians do indeed have the sincerity and the commitment to growth that anchors them on the path to salvation. Yet others make the mistake of thinking outer actions and outer church affiliation will save them.

The higher meaning of the word salvation is that the lifestream permanently ascends to the spiritual realm. This is the process that I came to demonstrate through my resurrection and ascension. As you are aware, if the lifestream has not balanced its karma and fulfilled its reason for descending into the material universe, it will have to come back into another lifetime. This is the wheel of rebirth that is correctly described by many eastern religions, and this teaching was also part of early Christianity because I taught it to my disciples, as explained elsewhere. When the lifestream balances all karma and fulfills its purpose in the material world, it can permanently ascend to the spiritual realm. At that point, the lifestream becomes immortal and this is the highest meaning of the word salvation.

One might say that the turnaround of a lifestream is a temporary salvation because the lifestream could still decide to go backward on the path. After the lifestream wins its ascension, its salvation becomes permanent and it will no longer have to come back to the material realm (unless it chooses to do so for a specific purpose).

You ask whether salvation means going to heaven in the afterlife, yet as I have just explained a lifestream cannot permanently ascend to heaven until it has transcended the wheel of rebirth. You are, however, correct that many lifestreams do go to a higher realm between embodiments. If you read my discourse on the levels of the material universe, you will see that there are three other levels beyond the material realm. A lifestream can abide in one of these levels between embodiments. However, even in the spiritual realm (what most people call heaven) there are many levels, and some lifestreams do indeed go to some of the lower levels of the heaven world between embodiments. Obviously, this does not mean that the lifestreams can stay there permanently, because a lifestream will still have to descend into a new embodiment in order to win its permanent ascension.

You ask if everyone is saved if they choose God after death, and the answer is that they are not. The deciding factor is not what lifestreams do after death but what they do when they are still alive on this planet. It is here that your lifestream made the karma that jeopardized its salvation, and it is here that the lifestream must balance that karma. It is here that the lifestream made the imperfect choices that jeopardized its salvation, and it is here that the lifestream must make better choices.

This is not to say that the lifestream cannot study and resolve it psychology in between embodiments. Many lifestreams do indeed make spiritual progress between embodiments. Nevertheless, the lifestream cannot simply choose God and be saved. Most lifestreams have built a very complex psychology that springs from countless imperfect choices, and that psychology simply cannot be unraveled through one choice.

Christians are in error when they claim that anyone who declares Jesus Christ to be his or her Lord and Savior will automatically be saved. This simply will not work, and unfortunately the result is that many lifestreams go through a rude awakening when their bodies die and they discover that they are not saved even though they were Christians. This causes some lifestreams to become angry at God, angry at myself or angry at Christianity.

This is one of the main reasons that you see so many people in today’s world who are very negative toward religion and especially toward Christianity. They subconsciously sense that they were cheated by orthodox Christianity in a past life, and they blame me or God instead of realizing that the orthodox Christian doctrines were man-made and where never given by me. Obviously, this is because the lifestreams do not want to take responsibility for themselves, yet these are precisely the kind of lifestreams that are attracted to churches that promise an automatic salvation.

You are correct that Christ consciousness is something that the lifestream develops throughout its many lifetimes—that is, as long as the lifestream has turned around and started the path that leads back to God. If you have a lifetime in which you make spiritual progress, you will come into your next lifetime building upon that progress and any progress you have made in between embodiments. The reverse is also true. If you take steps backward on the spiritual path, your next lifetime will start at that lower level.

You say:

“This website is changing my life on a daily basis, and I really feel like I am starting to communicate with you from within.”

These words warm my heart. It has indeed never been my intention that people would use this website as a substitute for the direct inner communion with me or another member of the ascended masters. One of the main purposes behind this website is to show that it is possible for a human being to attain direct communion with the ascended masters. What one person has done, all people have the potential to do.

Obviously, this does not mean that everyone needs to write books or create websites or even share their communication with anyone else. It does, however, mean that every human being has the potential to attain communion with his or her Christ self and with a member of the ascended masters to whom that lifestream has a particular spiritual bond. Through this communion you can receive profound answers to your questions about spiritual matters and you can receive directions concerning practical matters that will relate to your personal situation and how you can use the challenges you face as a springboard for spiritual growth.

It is indeed my hope that all those who visit our websites and approach them in a sincere manner will sooner or later be raised to the recognition that they too can attain direct communion with us. Prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it (Mal 3:10 ). Make a sincere effort to use the tools given on this website to establish your attunement with your Christ self, and I shall indeed pour you out a blessing of insight, understanding and love that your outer mind shall barely be able to contain it.


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