Nightmares after invoking spiritual protection

Question: I have recently started to do the Archangel Michael decree 1.02 from the toolbox website before bed. But that night I had a few bad dreams and on the same night, I chant the decrees nine times. One of the worst dreams I could remember is there was someone outside my living apartment front door, who was trying to get in to kill my family. I sometimes have bad dreams, but this is the worst dream I ever had. Can you help to explain to me, what does it mean and why I had such a bad dream, even though I pray for protection?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You need to recognize that if you are not doing any spiritual practices, if you are not calling for protection, there can very well be and there will be for most people, dark forces who are trying to influence you. When you do not know what you are up against, when you have no protection, you can be influenced in various ways. This means among other things, that they can put a certain fear in you of what could happen.

When you start doing spiritual protection, there will be a certain upheaval in your four lower bodies. Many, many people find that when they either make it their first commitment to the spiritual path, or when they step their commitment up to a higher level, they can go through a turbulent period, where it almost seems like they are exposed to more attacks or more opposition than before.

Now there can be two aspects of this: one is that you can be exposed to more attacks from dark forces who want to derail you, before you have really built a momentum by invoking spiritual protection. They want to scare you into thinking “This is dangerous, and I should stop”. If they have projected a certain fear into you that someone might try to kill your family, then this can surface as a dream, because they are hoping that you will be so scared that you will stop doing it.

Now obviously, if you keep calling for spiritual protection, there will come a point where you will find there will be fewer of these dreams. But the other thing that can happen is that when you start doing spiritual protection, there can be an openness, where you suddenly begin to see something that was an attack on you all along, but you did not see it before.

Sometimes you can see this in an intuitive experience where you suddenly realize there is a dark force that is after you and the reason you see this is because now you have the contrast between that dark force and its energy and the light you have invoked through decrees and invocations. It can also be that it sometimes surfaces in a dream, because your conscious mind is not ready to deal with it so you see it in a dream instead. And it is sort of a revelation of what you have been exposed to so that you can see that you need to be diligent in invoking spiritual protection until you are so protected that it cannot impinge upon you.

This of course, does not mean that you should not also do the spiritual work of working on your psychology, resolving these separate selves because it is the separate selves that give the dark forces an inroad. But the real value in invoking spiritual protection is that it minimizes the attacks and the noise coming from the outside so you can better look at what you need to resolve in your psychology, in your subconscious mind.


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