Never limit Gods ability to work through you

TOPICS: What you can do when witnessing abuse or violence – how to make calls – break the matrix of a situation – cannot know with outer mind; seek guidance from Christ self – do not limit what God can do through you –

Question: If people cannot remove evil, how should one act in the following situation: I am a witness, when a person or group of persons are beating hardly another person. I will defend this other man, but I see, that there are not equal forces in the situation, and my defense will be unsuccessful. How can I act more right?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Begin by recognizing that you are never in a situation where you can do nothing. You are never in a situation where you don’t have options. There is always something you can do to change the balance of the situation and open the way for a better solution than what will happen if you do nothing.

In a situation like the one you describe, go through the following steps:

  • Do whatever is possible to bring in outside help. This could be calling for other people nearby or placing a call to the police or other appropriate authorities.
  • After calling for physical help, center in your heart and make a very intense call for spiritual help. For example, you might say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the angels of Archangel Michael to instantly take command of this situation and bind all evil forces at work here. I accept it done this instant by the full power of the flame of God within me.” You can also make a call to the guardian angels and Christ selves of each person involved in the situation to enlighten them to the consequences of their actions and what represents a God-victorious outcome.
  • Center in your heart, tune in to your Christ self and ask for direction concerning the God-victorious response to the situation.
  • While centered, visualize the entire situation, including yourself, enveloped in the unconditional and infinite love of God. Feel yourself being the open door for this love to flood the situation.

You must recognize that there is no way you can do the right thing by analyzing the situation with your outer consciousness. There are simply too many variables for the outer mind to make a correct evaluation and decision. Therefore, you need an intuitive insight from your Christ self. That insight will be based on the perspective of your Christ self, which sees all aspects of the situation, most of which are hidden to the outer mind.

Obviously, there are so many different situations and so many different variables that I cannot give you a general recommendation for what physical action you should take. However, you might consider that what you need to do is to somehow disturb the status quo of the situation.

Once a negative situation has started, it will continue until something breaks the spell or the matrix of imperfect energy that envelops the situation. In some cases it might be enough to make your presence known, so that the perpetrators are aware that they are being watched. Or you might tell them that you have called the police. In some cases it might indeed be necessary and appropriate to step in with physical force to defend the person, and if you get an impulse to do so from your Christ self you should follow it. If you can remain centered in your Christ self, and especially if you can avoid falling into fear, your endeavor will be successful.

The important point here is that you bring yourself into a state of consciousness in which you fully realize that you of your own self, meaning your human ego and outer mind, truly can do nothing to change the situation for the better. However, God in you is able, and if you align your consciousness with God in you, meaning your Christ self, then all things will be possible.

When you can go into a situation with the firm conviction that your Father, meaning your I AM Presence, works hitherto and you work, then you will be surprised at how effective you can be at changing the spell of negative energy and thereby dispersing a negative situation almost as if by magic. The key to improving conditions on this planet is that people wake up to their true identity as spiritual beings and allow God to work through them. This must begin on an individual basis.

Keep in mind that the most important goal for a spiritual seeker is to never limit Gods ability to work through you. Therefore, do whatever it takes to get yourself in the state of consciousness that you saw me demonstrate and in which you can be the instrument of God working in all situations. This is your calling, this is your greatest love. Simply follow your love and allowing it to cast out all fear.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels