Natural disasters in Russia

Question: What natural disasters are predicted for Russia. Is it required to decree to avoid them?

Answer from Master MORE:

I do not at this point wish to give any predictions about particular natural disasters. It is always prudent to make some calls for the possibility of natural disasters, but this is sort of included when you make calls and decrees for the transmutation of the karma of the nation and the old consciousness.

As Mother Mary has explained, even a natural disaster is an expression of the consciousness of the people. It is actually difficult, even for the ascended masters, to predict a natural disaster a long time ahead of the time it occurs. Even up till the very end, there are always ascended masters working to avoid a natural disaster.

It is often a matter of a very close call where if a few thousand more people had raised their consciousness to a certain level, a disaster could have been avoided. It is often counterproductive for us to make predictions that to such a large degree depend on the choices made by people in embodiment, choices that often can be very subtle.

As you have heard the story from the Bible, of where one city would have been spared if there had been one righteous person in that city. I can tell you that there are cases where even a handful of people can make the difference about whether a certain disaster occurs or how severe it becomes. Of course, the larger the disaster, the more people it would take to have mitigated it because the larger disasters are caused by the consciousness of a larger number of people.


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