Natural catastrophes in California

TOPICS: The anything goes attitude – if mother nature says “anything goes” the earth will shake – a naive conception of freedom –

Question : Is there anything we can do to help alleviate any possibilities of natural catastrophes in California, raising the light, making any particular calls, to help neutralize any issues in California?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is nothing you can DO, my beloved—just BE. You are already “doing” all you can do by using our spiritual tools.

There is, of course, more that can be done in the long run, which involves awakening the people in California to the connection between their own consciousness and the natural disasters that have a potential to occur. For, as we have said before, while there is a great Freedom Flame in California, there is also the misuse of freedom into the “anything goes” attitude, my beloved.

And I can assure you that when a people have the attitude that anything goes, then Mother Nature – being the cosmic mirror – must reason that they want to see a response from Mother earth where Mother earth says “Well, anything goes.” So the earth will shake, and the coastlines will shift and the storms will roll in.

There is literally always a connection between the consciousness of the people and what happens to Mother earth. For she must respond by mirroring back to the people that which they are not willing to see in their own consciousness. So that they have another opportunity to take a look at themselves and recognize that perhaps their concept of freedom is extremely naïve, when they expect that they can do anything they want without reaping the consequences. They expect they can precipitate an action without reaping the reaction from the laws of nature and the Mother of Nature.


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