Native Americans need to create a new culture

TOPICS: Get over being Indians – transcend earthly limitations – regardless of the body, you are a universal lifestream – questioning your past – native culture stagnant before Europeans arrived – native Americans could have transformed their old culture – potential for native states –

Question: My question is about the consciousness and the state of the native American and Alaskan native people, which is one of lack and suffering. And truly, there is suffering. And how they can become More when to many of them Jesus has become a symbol of the missionaries who really oppressed them. So how can they obtain a higher consciousness? And do the white people in America, the ones whose ancestors perpetuated the violence, have a role in helping the native people transcend their current state of lack and suffering? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You might recall that in Ireland the Ascended Master Patrick was asked what he would say to the Irish people. And his remark was: “Get over being Irish!” Likewise, I would say to the native Americans: “Get over being Indians!”

What is it we desire to see for all people on earth? It is that they transcend their human, earthly limitations and come to see themselves as spiritual people. The people who are currently embodied in what they see as native American bodies, they are not native American souls, they are universal spiritual lifestreams. Just as the people who are embodied in black African bodies or Asian bodies or white bodies are not white or black or red or yellow souls. They are all universal lifestreams.

So what we desire is for all people to reclaim their true spiritual identity and to express it. And this does not mean that all people have to abandon their current culture and that we eventually envision a world where there is only one world-wide culture, for that is not our vision at all. It is quite possible that the native American people can express their universal spirituality through some aspect, some version, of their traditional culture. But it will not be the culture the way it is right now, it will be a new – transformed – culture, that is far more universal than what you see now.

Before the native American people can reach for that universality, they need to overcome their emotional attachment to carrying on a tradition and a history that time has run away from. Why have we talked about the British people needing to question the monarchy, which has been such a fixture of the British consciousness for a thousand years? Can you not see that the native American people are facing a very similar challenge as the British people, and as people around the world, of overcoming the limitations from the past and embracing growth?

The real problem with the native American culture is that it had become stagnant even before white people arrived. And thus, the American Indians have gone into a state of consciousness where they feel they are victims. They feel that somehow the white people came in and destroyed their culture. But when you consider the teaching of the cosmic mirror, can you not see that if the native American people had not had a division in their own consciousness, they could not have precipitated an external force that would come in and overturn their culture?

In fact, I can tell you that the highest potential for America was that the native Americans would have let go of their tradition and adapted—creating an entirely new culture, where they did not uncritically take over the European culture or the European religion, but where they were willing to transform their own culture, to realize that they could no longer hold on to the old, but that simply the change in times, demanded a transformation.

Look at the history of Europe and ask yourself why Europe became such a dominant influence in the world. Surely, you will see that one aspect of this dominance was the dominance through force that is precipitated by the power elite. But you see the power elite in Europe did not have actual physical power to create the expansion that lead to the colonization of other continents. They were, so to speak, riding on the expansion of consciousness that was driven by the fact that the European people were willing to let go of the old, the Catholic mental box, coming to the age of enlightenment, and therefore transcend and adapt—let go of the old culture and create a new.

The highest potential for the native Americans was that they would have gone through their own period of enlightenment, whereby you could actually have had the emergence of an entirely new culture that would have created certain states in America that could still have been part of the United States of America, but could have had a separate culture, a much more distinctly native American but also a much more modern culture.

This potential has been lost, but the only way forward for the native Americans is to seek to create today what could have been created back then and transcending the traditional culture, realizing that they are universal lifestreams and that their native spirituality can be transformed into a higher spirituality that is more universal. They do not have to take over Christianity in any way, but you could certainly see a mixture of the universal principles of native American spirituality with the universal principles of Christianity. So you would see a more native American version that still honored the Christ consciousness and the Christ potential in every person.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels