National identity of the people of Belarus

Question: Do Belarusian’s have their own national identity or are they part of some larger identity? And is there any particular Ascended Master patronizing Belarus? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Igor through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

My beloved, I am the ascended master who is not patronizing the people of Belarus but sponsoring them, helping them to some degree as it is possible for an ascended master to help people who have not yet taken responsibility for themselves. I have taken on this task because I am also a master who has worked with the Russian people who have the same problem of not wanting to take responsibility.

The Belarusian people are part of a larger group as are the Russians and some in Ukraine but not all in Ukraine. They are the group that has sometimes been called the Rus or the Russian people. But this actually goes beyond recorded history. Therefore it is too complex of a topic that we do not want to go into because we would have to give a much, much longer discourse than is possible here.

But the thing is that the people of Belarus also have their own grouping their own national identity, not only since the nation was established after the breakup of the Soviet Union but even going back before then. So it is not so that it is that they are part of one large homogenous group. They have their own identity. That’s why they have their own nation now. That’s why you have an opportunity to move forward as one nation or you have an opportunity to at some point dissolve that nation and become part of something larger.

We have said before that nation states are simply a phase in the evolution of earth. And there will come a point where our nation states will begin to break up, some will merge, some will split. Therefore there will be much more flexibility where people who feel they have something in common will be able to form these larger regions that will not function quite as the nation states you see today. As quite frankly the further you move into Saint Germain’s Golden Age the more nation states will begin to fade away and dissolve and no longer have a significant role. The world map in 100 or 200 years will not have all these national boundaries on it that you see today.


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