Multiple relationships and spiritual growth

Question:  Is there a purpose of having multiple love relationships outside of marriage for balancing karma? If there isn’t peace among all parties, can it still be a purpose for learning and growth for those involved?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

It is almost impossible to be married or be in a committed relationship with one person and then have other love relationships or sexual relationships aside from that and at the same time maintain some kind of peace and harmony. I have given another answer previously about the fact that what happens to you on the spiritual path is that you often meet people that you have been together with in past lifetimes. You may have karma with these people and you have a desire to resolve that karma and this at a certain level of awareness makes people feel a sexual or an emotional attraction to those people but it is really your desire to resolve the karma that fools you into thinking you have to have a physical relationship with that person.

We have given you tools for, if you have a situation where you are in a committed relationship, you are married, you feel an attraction to another person, we have given you the tools to make the calls, give the decrees and invocations for dissolving karmic attraction and when you lessen that energy you can come to a point where you realize that you don’t actually need to have a physical relationship to that person.

So I can only recommend that you make a decision: “If I’m married, if I’m committed to that marriage then I’m not going to have any other sexual or physical relationships outside of that relationship. I’m going to seek to resolve that karmic attraction and resolve the psychology without having that physical relationship.”

If you can do this, that will actually help you grow much faster than if you involve yourself with these very, very complex situations that can happen as a result of the scenario you describe. I can tell you that most people who have engaged in multiple relationships at the same time have ended up making more karma than they were balancing and therefore not really advancing their spiritual growth but involving themselves in more and more complex situations that become more and more difficult to extricate themselves from.


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