Moving from fear to love

TOPICS: Look at your fears and rise above them – the golden age will not be brought by people in fear –

Question: My question is should we still have concerns for weather patterns, earth changes, energy coming in continues to be dramatic. Yet how can we focus off that, stay away from that fear, and move to the vision of the Golden Age?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

We are looking for those who are willing to step up beyond the prophesies, beyond the doom and gloom, and tune in to the Aquarian Age consciousness and accept the Golden Age as an actual, physical reality.

If people are not able to do this because they have a certain fear for the calamities that might happen, well then the highest potential is that they will be willing to look at that fear, transform it, look at the psychological mechanism that causes them to have that fear. And then deal with it until they are free of it.

We will do whatever is necessary to awaken people. And if that means giving them a prophesy that inevitably will cause some people to develop fear, well then we often have no other option than to do this. For as long as people are not awakened, it is certain that they will not grow. But if they are awakened, there is the potential that they will transcend the fear and come to a higher understanding.

And that is indeed why we have shifted away from giving prophesies and have focused more on giving the vision of the Golden Age. For we are looking for those who have transcended the dualistic need to be driven by fear and are willing to rise to the non-dualistic reality, where they are propelled upward by love.


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