More than ten commandments?

TOPICS: First set of commandments were love-based – Moses became angry – Moses had unresolved psychology – second set gives commandments for a fear-based mindset – Jesus again gave love-based approach – God works through people –

Question: I heard that there were more commandments other than the ones given to Moses is that true? If so what are they and did God actually write them on stone tablets as depicted in movies.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When Moses first ascended the mountain, he received a set of commandments that presented a higher law, a higher relationship between God and man. The essence was that the people needed to transcend their fear-based approach to God and learn to approach God with love. They also needed to learn to respond to all situations in this world with love.

As Moses descended from the mountain with these love-based commandments, he saw the people dancing around the golden calf, which truly is a symbol for the outer, fear-based approach to religion that causes people to worship an idol from this world instead of looking for the true God who is beyond this world a form. In other words, when people create an outer image of God and begin worshiping it as God, they cannot make contact with the true God who is beyond all form.

As a result of seeing this, Moses became angry. He decided that the people were not ready for the law that he was bringing them. Although this was a correct assessment, Moses did not quite understand that you always give a teaching that is higher than what people are ready for because the purpose is to encourage people to move up higher. Therefore, Moses’ anger was not necessary or justifiable. It was the result of unresolved psychology on the part of Moses, and it shows you that even a person who serves as a prophet of the Lord can have certain unresolved aspects of his or her psychology. This can cause the person to miss the highest potential for his or her spiritual mission. So as a result of becoming angry, Moses destroyed the tablets containing the higher law.

Moses’ anger was the main reason God never allowed him to enter the promised land. Again, the spiritual interpretation here is that the promised land is a symbol for a higher state of consciousness, namely what I call the Christ consciousness. You simply cannot enter that state of consciousness as long as you have unresolved psychology that keeps you attached to the dualistic mind, the ego and the things of this world. I can tell you that Moses did not ascend after his embodiment as Moses. He had to come back for several embodiments before he learned to balance the power of God with the wisdom and love of God so that he became more balanced and joyful.

After destroying the love-based law, Moses ascended the mountain again and begged God to give the people a law that was more adapted to their present state of consciousness. God complied, and therefore Moses received a set of commandments, a set of clearly defined rules for behavior. These rules were not essentially different from the former law, but they were expressed in a way that reflected the consciousness of the people and of Moses. The people followed these commandments until I appeared on the scene and gave people a more love-based law. Everything in my ministry was geared toward presenting people with these love-based commandments, but my Sermon on the Mount is the most concentrated teaching on this. Although my Sermon on the Mount is not word for word what Moses was originally given on the mountain, it expresses the same general principles.

It is not correct that God’s finger or flames of fire burned the original commandments onto the stone tablets. This is Hollywood taking over in order to make a good movie. In reality, God worked through the mind and hand of Moses to write the commandments on the stone tablets. This is the principle that you see outpictured through many prophets, including what you see on this website. God will work through the hearts and minds of people in embodiment.

Although God sometimes uses a higher law that creates what might seem like miracles, God prefers to work through human beings in embodiment. His greatest desire is to demonstrate the miracle that God can work through people, if people allow him to do so. This is another important purpose for my ministry, and you see it in my statement that my Father works hitherto and I work. That is also why I said that I of my own self can do nothing, it is the father within me who is doing the work. The point being that what God can do through one person, God can do through anyone who will raise his or her consciousness and become the open door for God to work in this world.


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