Meaning of the name of Shambhala

Question: For a long time, I had a question what the word “Shambhala” really means, and recently I had an inspiration: I saw that it was necessary to write «Shambhallah» and that it means «Shambhu Allah». Did I realize correctly? «Shambhu» in Sanskrit means “gracious, merciful”, so it means “Merciful God”?  Then, it is generally believed that the word “Allah” comes from “Al-Ilah” or “Al-Eloh” and simply means “God” (or “this God”). But in the Arabic language, there is also the word “Al-Lahut” – a very capacious concept in mystical Islam, but it can be briefly expressed by the word “Divinity”, or “Divine nature”, in the teachings of Suhrawardi – “Holy Spirit”, “Divine Light”. Is Shambhu Allah the true meaning of the word “Shambhala”? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Well, again, a very complicated intellectual question. But the short answer is that ‘Shambhala’ does not have anything to do with the God Allah in the Quran. Shambhala predates the teachings of the Quran. It was a word that Sanat Kumara used when he came with 144,000 from Venus and started the retreat over the Gobi Desert.

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