“Born of water” and “Born of fire”

Question: In his book, “Freedom From Internal Spirits”, the Maha Chohan teaches us about the two decisive moments of the spiritual path on earth. The first one when we must let the self, created when we were between the 48th and the 96th level, die. And the other one when we are at the 144th level and have to choose if we are going to build up the self, we created from the 96th to 144th level, or if we are going to surrender this self and let it also die in order to ascend. When at the 96 level, we let the self that was focused on developing our individuality die, ‘we are born from water’, the Maha Chohan says. And when we let die the self, created from the 96th level to the 144th, we are born from fire and will be accelerated to the ascension. But what does it mean to be born from water? We know that we no longer focus on developing the individual self but are aimed at raising the whole. And we can do this because we open our heart to the divine flame of love. Isn’t that right? And how are we born from fire? Is it when we understand that although the self, we are creating is beautiful and a spirit of light, it is not our final identity, because our being is fluid, is transcendent and we must surrender all the conquests made so far, because there is no final stage, there is no power separated from love, no power to control or possess anything, any “I” separated from all of life?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, I could answer your question simply with a “Yes”, because you have understood the basic ideas, you understand that the Maha Chohan used these particular expressions “born of water”, “born of fire”, because I used them 2000 years ago, and you can find them in the scriptures. What I also alluded to back then, but could not give in its full form at the time, was that there are these two ways of being reborn.

The lower way or the first stage of the path is that you are reborn from the self that you created, as we have said to separate yourself from the collective consciousness. This self is created in reaction to the collective consciousness. And this is the consciousness that I have referred to as water. You can also refer to it as the emotional realm. But I really refer to it not specifically to the emotional realm, but to the most common human consciousness, the collective level of consciousness. This is the water that I walked upon to demonstrate that I had risen above that level of consciousness, and attained the Christ consciousness.

First you let go of that, and you are reborn from this to a higher sense of identity, then when you come to the 144th level, you must decide to be reborn from fire, which means the fires of the ascension flame. This does not really mean that you are instantly dismantling the self, you are actually gradually dismantling this self between the 96th and 144th level of consciousness, but you make the decision that whatever self is left, whatever attainment you think you have on the spiritual path, whatever understanding you have, you are willing to have it accelerated by the fire of the ascension, so that you can attain a higher level of consciousness.

In other words, you might say that the challenge on each of the levels from 96 to 144th, is actually whether you will believe that you have attained some ultimate stage, some ultimate level of consciousness, or will you acknowledge that there is something higher. This ties in with what several other masters have talked about, where you do not accept that you have come to an ultimate stage or that you are ego-free, or that you are now enlightened.

Because as long as you are in embodiment, there is always a higher level of consciousness to attain, which for that matter, there also is in the ascended realm. But in the ascended realm, you do not have a separate self that you need to have consumed by fire in order to rise. There is nothing to consume in the ascended realm, you just effortlessly go from one level of consciousness to the next, there is no opposition to your growth.


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