Marian apparitions and Jesus’ mission

TOPICS: Masters adapt message to people’s consciousness – Mother Mary venerated by many Catholics – apparitions in alignment with Jesus’ mission –

Question: What is your perspective on and/or what can you tell us about the significance of the many Marion Apparitions that have occurred in the world since they began in Fatima? What, if anything do these messages and visions have to do with your mission? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain in the book, Save Yourself, we of the ascended masters are constantly trying to reach human beings and help them raise their consciousness. In doing so, we always adapt our approach to the current level of consciousness of the group of people we are trying to reach. If we didn’t, they could not grasp our message. We also adapt our approach to the current beliefs of the people we are trying to reach. If we didn’t, they could not accept our message.

My beloved Sister of Light, Mother Mary, has appeared to many different people over the centuries. She has done so primarily to reach people in the Catholic Church because it is the largest church which pays homage to her. Therefore, in general you find more Catholics who are open to the blessed Mother.

It is natural that when my Mother appears to such people, she adapts her appearances and her messages to the state of consciousness and the belief system of these people. Therefore, she will generally affirm the validity of the Catholic Church although many of her appearances truly seek to expand the consciousness of Catholics and to bring about changes in the Church. For example, the true message of the Fatima appearances was to expose the need to clean up corruption in the Church in order to avoid a greater calamity. I must tell you that despite what has been said by the official Church, my Mother’s desires and intentions have not been heeded sufficiently by the Church.

As I explain in Save Yourself, there truly are no inconsistencies or conflicts in heaven. We of the ascended masters are working to raise the consciousness of humankind and all of our efforts serve this goal. When you look at the many spiritual teachings found on this planet, a person can easily find seeming contradictions. Yet when you rise above this lower state of consciousness, you will see that they all serve the same goal.

Therefore, the true apparitions by my blessed Mother are very much in alignment with my mission and they serve the goal of raising the consciousness of humankind. I am aware that you can always find words that seem contradictory. Some people will use this to reject certain messages or even to reject all the messages. Yet those who are willing to raise the consciousness beyond that level will see that the seeming contradictions fade away and open up for a higher vision of the true purpose of the ascended masters.

Let me also mention that my blessed Mother has spoken in a more universal context through several sources, and I encourage spiritual seekers to study her message. All of her appearances and messages also serve the purpose of demonstrating the validity and necessity of progressive revelation, and I encourage all spiritual seekers to be open to this concept.


 Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels