Making the calls, free will and four levels of the material universe

Question: I tried diligently for 25+ years – hours per day, through prayers and decrees – to effect outcomes in the material world to no discernible effect. Despite wishing and longing for a higher reality beyond this physical universe, the immortal life of transcendent oneness with beings of light who love me, I conclude that if prayer has no appreciable effect then there is no transcendent reality and I have to find meaning in finite existence with no divine support. Sincerely, if you divine beings exist what mindset, changes and actions do you recommend for me?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

It isn’t really a correct assessment that there was no effect of your efforts. It is true that there was no discernible effect but how do you discern? You discern through the filter of your consciousness. So naturally when you are in embodiment you don’t see everything that is going on. But there are two things you need to be aware of – and all of you need to be aware of when you make the calls – and the first one is of course free will.

We are quite aware that in previous dispensations we have not given as deep teachings on free will and psychology as we have given today. So it is understandable that there were students from those dispensations who feel that they were told to give all of these decrees for so many hours hoping that this would have an effect, wanting to make a difference in the world and then not seeing the effect and becoming discouraged and disappointed. We fully understand this. What we are giving you today is a deeper understanding of free will where you realize that there are certain things where you can make the calls but the call cannot have an automatic or mechanical effect because these issues depend on the free will choices of many, many people who need to shift their consciousness. We have given the teachings that everything really is a process, that the Earth really is a process for raising the consciousness of the people.

But the other thing you need to be aware of is that we have taught even in previous dispensations about the four levels of the material universe:  the etheric or identity realm, the mental, the emotional and the physical. So when you are decreeing for something you’re sending an energy impulse that actually goes to us in the ascended realm. Now we are not necessarily multiplying your decrees based on your state of consciousness. We are of course doing it based on the greater awareness we have in the ascended realm.

So when we release something, we release it from the ascended level and it first goes into the etheric or identity realm then into the mental then into the emotional. So it can take time for the energy impulse to cycle through. So you need to be somewhat patient. You need to allow for free will. You need to realize that there are some decrees or calls that will not be answered exactly the way you see it therefore you may have in your mind – and you may in fact also call for this in your invocations or decrees – that a specific physical change should happen but it may not happen exactly that way because as I said “the complicated equation of free will”.

But given that you have been a member of a previous dispensation where the students for many years had Saint Germain services where every Saturday for four hours they would give decrees including a set of decrees called the Communist decrees, I would propose to you why you do not consider it a tangible result that the Soviet Union collapsed? Was this not essentially what you were decreeing for? And so how is that not a tangible result of your efforts?

You see my beloved, the reaction that you have is a product of your state of consciousness and this is not said to blame you in anyway because the reaction is in a way understandable. Many, many people –not only ascended master students but also Christians, who have prayed for something have had the same reaction. Why aren’t prayers answered exactly as we prayed for them? But you have to recognize here that your reaction shows something about what is in your psychology and it is that psychology that affects everything you do in life. So the question really is do you want to stay in that psychology where you seemingly, according to your own expression, are not entirely at peace with your life or do you want to be free from it?

Because if you want to be free from it you need to be willing to stop projecting out that there is something wrong out there and start looking at yourself, not to find fault, not to see what was wrong but simply to see what is it that is limiting me. And we have now in this dispensation given very, very detailed, very, very profound teachings on how to resolve psychology. And I can only propose that you make use of what is available and if this does not resonate with you then go out there in the field and find some kind of therapy that resonates with you and that can help you.

You are only alone, if you think you are alone and that is again a product of some mechanism in your psychology that actually makes you afraid to be close to the ascended masters. For whatever reason and people have multiple reasons for this but there are people who go into this reaction where they are making an effort but they do not see that they are actually making that effort from a state of consciousness where they are not really aligned with us. And they don’t see that they’re actually in an ascended master teaching doing what they are told to do but subconsciously they’re pushing us away.

They want to keep us at a distance; they don’t want to get too close. And there are people who have felt after some time that we are getting too close and because they’re not willing to surrender into that closeness and experience that closeness then they have to pull back but they have to justify this, so in their outer minds they find fault with the teaching, with the organization, with the messenger and they use this as an excuse for giving up on the path, focusing on a worldly life, so that they do not have to experience closeness with us. I am not blaming people who have this reaction, simply stating in a straight forward manner that this happens.

And so the question is, if you don’t want closeness with us, we of course respect your free will. But if you want it then we are willing to give it and willing to work with you to simply overcome this mechanism in your psychology so you can be free. But you will be free at a higher level than you were when you gave all those decrees and looked at the path a certain way, looked at the world a certain way. We will help you shift out of that and attain the freedom and the peace of mind, that is what you really long for as it is expressed between the lines of your question.


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