Making the calls during the day

Question: If I don’t have enough time to make invocations every day and I want, during the day, to make short calls about personal and worldly issues, how do I do it? Which words can I use?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

We give the invocations and decrees as a guideline, as a help and they focus on a certain number of topics. You can at any point, if you have just a few seconds or a few minutes, make your own calls. You just simply invoke a master, like we often say, “In the name of the I Am that I Am Jesus Christ.” This is a way to say that you are willing to align your calls with the vision of Christ. Or you can say, “In the name of Christ” or “According to the vision of Christ, I call for…” and then you just make up the words yourself, depending on what the topic is you’re calling for.

If there’s a particular situation you hear on the news, you can make the calls for the judgment of Christ in that situation, for the vision of Christ, for a higher vision, for a binding of fallen beings, demons, discarnates that are influencing the situation. You can call for light to be directed into the situation, to transmute what blocks people from seeing a higher solution or to transmute the energies that are burdening people in the situation.

There’s an almost unlimited potential for doing this. Of course you need to be aware that there’s always the tendency that when you start doing something, you can become almost obsessive-compulsive about it and make it more and more elaborate and more and more complicated. We all have a tendency when we are in embodiment to do this, to complicate things and make them more and more elaborate because we want to do so well. But be realistic. Look at the time you have and then make some short, concise calls and they will have an effect.


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